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6 Mental Training Tips That Will Help You Swim Better

Swimming is a sport which requires the utilization of both mental and physical skills, which can only be achieved through regular training and practice. The main thing which matters a lot in swimming is your mental health which gives your mind directions to do the best.

Many of the practising swimmers often complaint that they are doing their best but not getting success. This is because of the lack of mental training.

According to individual perceptions, 90% of the work is done by our body and the remaining 10% by our mind. But it is the opposite in reality. Because when you are determined, confident and have the desire to do well, then only you can give your best. Mental training is beneficial for best results. So, here we will discuss some mental training tips to help you ace swimming.

#1. Enjoy and celebrate while practising swimming

Give your best in the long hours of training and celebrate even your small success. Make up your mind in such a way that it provides you with the confidence to win. In this, your trainer will play a significant role as he will always motivate you to do the best and with a positive attitude.

#2. Master emotions while training

Mastering your swimming techniques and strategies is essential to winning. But side by side, give proper attention to your emotions also which will be very helpful while swimming. Learn what motivates you a lot and work on them.

#3. Slap the negativity from inside

Negative thinking turns all your efforts towards failure. When it seems that you are going to a low point, change your focus towards positivity. This will be helpful in turning failure into a win. Staying positive will solve all your issues while swimming.

#4. Give importance to time

Time is indispensable when it comes to swimming. To illustrate, a swimmer is practising one stroke for long 8 hours but is still not able to finish it. And after some time, he is able to finish that. So for him, that time doesn’t matter because he has mastered the stroke.

#5. Your inner voice will help you to be successful

When you are swimming, tell yourself that “I am the best swimmer”, “I always feel great in the water”, etc. Give your inner voice a chance to crawl to your mind. Swimming is a game of consciousness, which we can win the game. 

#6. Don’t distract yourself

When you want to win any game, then don’t give importance to the people around you- even if it is your near and dear ones. They can distract your mind, and you will start thinking about what will happen if you fail. So, focus on the target with a positive attitude and win the race.

The mental condition of our mind makes all the difference in our failure and wins. So, keep it in control and deliver your best.

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Garima Pachauri