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Try these sports in summer season to feel cool and beat the heat.

SPORTS IN SUMMER | It’s summertime, and for most of you sports fanatics that means time to bring out the Tennis rackets and buy new swimwear. Summer is the ideal time to play sports because the heat helps to naturally warm up your body, leaving your muscles loose and flexible. Thanks to this it’s a lot easier to warm up before a game and the level of your performance drastically improves.

But not all games are suited for this hot weather. Standing in the sun for hours can be exhausting, and will leave you feeling dehydrated. So here are a few sports that you can pursue this summer.

1) Beach Volleyball

Everyone loves visiting the beach during summer. So why not squeeze in a workout while you’re getting that tan? The most fun way to do this? Beach volleyball, of course.

The game is easy enough to understand, and doesn’t take a lot of skill to start playing. You need to learn how to lift, push, and smash the ball, and once you’ve played for about an hour, you should have a good rally going on.

2) Cricket

Thanks to the stationary nature of this sport, Cricket is perhaps one of the most popular games out there. There’s not a lot of running involved, and to block out the sun, all you have to do is cover your head with a cap.

Of course, I’m referring to Cricket played for fun, with a Tennis ball. When playing with a real cricket ball, the batsman is required to wear all kinds of padding and protection, which can be extremely uncomfortable in the heat.

3) Swimming

Swimming is one sport that was practically created for the summer. There’s nothing like taking a dip in cold water on a hot summer afternoon. And thanks to the fact that Swimming is perhaps the best workout in existence, you’re sure to shed a few calories while cooling off.

Even if you aren’t a strong swimmer, paddling around in the pool is a great way to blow off some steam and get in a bit of exercise.

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4) Squash

Squash is one of the few indoor sports out there, making it the perfect activity during summer. And most Squash courts are air conditioned, so you can enjoy a pleasant break between games.

The sport is a little challenging to learn, and thanks to the dilapidated squash ball, you’ll need to swing a few times before getting the feel of the game. But once you’ve got a hang of it, this game can be extremely entertaining and is an intense workout.

5) Table Tennis

Another indoor sport that’s sure to take the edge off of the summer heat, table tennis is a simple sport and anyone can pick up the basics within a few minutes of game-play. This sport probably isn’t as physically challenging as the other sports on this list, but it’s sure to give you a moderate workout nonetheless.

6) Soap Football

Football might be absolutely tiring during summer time as it is a highly physical sport that requires a lot of running, passing and shooting. So are you tired to flex your muscles too much but still wanna have some fun playing Football? Then you have to definitely try out that absolutely crazy and cool variant of Football, “Soapy Football”. This can be some great fun during outings as well. Ready to get soaked up and wet this summer? Go ahead and have an awesome time out with Soapy Football.

7) Water Zorbing

When it’s summer, it is time to hit the water which means there is no missing out on Water Zorbing ever. If this one has been pending on your list for too long, it is best for you to walk into a Water Zorbing park and tick the sport off your bucket-list as soon as possible.

Stay Hydrated!

When playing sports in summer, it’s imperative to remember to keep yourself hydrated and consume water regularly and in large quantities. The heat causes people to sweat, draining their bodies of moisture and essential nutrients. By ensuring that you drink plenty of water, you can replenish the moisture in your body and keep yourself looking and feeling fit.

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