Athletes MUST Do Yoga, Here’s Why!

One can argue about how to do Yoga in today’s hectic schedule but even the athletes need to do Yoga and mentioned below are the reasons. 

Apart from having several benefits, Yoga is also used as a healing therapy in different places. While no one can deny the advantages but the efforts taken to actually do Yoga is pretty less. Even the athletes who probably sweat enough on the grounds and fields, choose Yoga to calm themselves down.

Yoga is more than a mixture of various asanas, it has positive effects both on your mind and body. Hence, here are few advantages of Yoga asanas for the athletes that will help them to take the game to A-level:

  1. Flexibility: Yoga eases movements, therefore, an athlete who requires more of swinging of hands during the game will be greatly benefitted by Yoga.

2. Mental Clarity: If you are one of those athletes who play heavy sports like Boxing and Wrestling then you can always try Yoga to keep yourself focused and calm down your mind.

3. Improves Breathing Functionality: While you do few asanas, they require holding breath for a longer period of time. Which in return helps, when you are doing activities like swimming and aerobic-based sports. 

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4. Enhances Recovery: Yoga helps in removal of lactic acid that builds up because of vigorous activities. Lactic acid adversely affects your game too.

You need to consult with professionals about the asanas that will help you and the kind of diet you need to follow along with that.

Conclusion: This Yoga Day pledge to give yourself the benefits of Yoga and being healthy!

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