Here Are Some Quick Tips For Lap Swimmers

Here Are Some Quick Tips For Lap Swimmers, If you’re going to the pool for losing some inches is not the first thought that comes to mind, but yes it should be.

The superlative thing about swimming is that you can lose up to 400 calories in an hour even without putting much of the pressure on your joints.

It firms up your body and stokes up your metabolism. It also makes your body fit, lessens the chances of cardiovascular disease and keeps your mind clear.

Whether you are a beginner or wanting to brush your skills still, there are some common mistakes that most of you do, here are few tips for lap swimmers to make swimming more interesting and help you to make the most out of it-

  • Stick to the course-

Swimming makes or breaks your weekly routine, so you should look forward to swimming in an interesting way and make every swimming experience different.

You should follow the schedule like on Monday do mile swim, on Tuesday do technique swimming and Friday fun swim and different for other days.

It will make swimming more purposeful for you and you would try not to miss doing it, as everyday you plan to do something unique.

  • Hold your breath-

When we just start learning how to swim, some of us are told to take a deep breath, hold the breath and then we should put our face in water; but this is a wrong technique.

You should always start practising on dry land and should take a deep breath and exhale it from your nose slowly.

Then you should start practising it in water, take a deep breath and put your face in the water and then slowly exhale, then lift your face and do this repeatedly when required.

  • Keep your hips straight-

This is the most common problem, swimmers mostly rely on their upper portion or legs. But, maximum power comes from hips.

This is because they control both your upper and lower body parts. Make sure that you do not deprive your hip movement as it decreases the momentum.

If you utilize it to the crux, rotating your trunk will help you to push through the water even faster.

  • Buddy up-

Solo pool swimming can be really boring. You should try and do at least one swim session in a week with your friend. It helps you at times to speed up and swim with more zeal and enthusiasm as your friend does.

You can also learn new skills and techniques from your friend which makes it more interesting as well.

  • Point your toes-

People tend to forget about the small things at the end of your foot which are your toes.

They play a major role in defining your speed and direction. In swimming flexibility is very important, so flexible ankle helps you to quicken your pace in the water.


Try and curl your toes which will make your ankle loosen and will put your foot in the correct direction.

  • Finish your stroke-

Always finish the work that you start. Most people do not finish their first stroke and start the other one.  

They pull their hands out of water before it reaches their hip. When your hand goes in the water you should keep your elbow high and while rotating the elbows drive the forearm through the water.  

  • Practice swimming at a slower pace-

Try and swim short and fast as it is always better than swimming long and at a slower pace. Swim for more time rather than focusing on distance.

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Garima Pachauri