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Is Deep Tissue Massage Really Important For Players

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is known for reducing pain & discomfort caused as a result of muscle tension.

It is a technique that has been used from years to deal with physiological & physical stress and now proven to be effective in curing various muscle & joint pains.

What does it do?

With focus on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, it lengthens & releases the muscles that are stuck in an uncomfortable posture for a prolonged period of time having therapeutic effects that can treat chronic muscle tension, relieve strain, injuries in the joints, tendons & treatment of major muscle groups like lower back, neck which are usually strained post an intense workout session.

How to do Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is done using deep finger pressure with strokes that are firm & slow for the purpose of rehabilitation.

While performing this massage, there is slight pain because this massage uses movements against the muscle rather than moving with them. However, the end purpose is resolved by giving the muscles a relief from soarness & pain.

An intensely played sport gives your body adequate levels of fitness & blood circulation but takes a toll on the body with some muscle cramps, stress in the joints, back. The most effective, chemical-free solution to this would be getting a deep-tissue massage done.

  • A sportsperson faces constant injuries that restrict his/her ability to perform. A deep-tissue massage in such cases prompts the production of mitochondria (an energy cell) that builds muscle, boosts recovery time & surpasses the pain
  • Regular deep-tissue massages increase a sportsperson’s flexibility by actively breaking down tightness around muscles. It stretches out the muscle fibre & breaks down the scar tissue.
  • Improves blood circulation especially important to athletes/sportsperson. It does so by expelling toxins & absorbing fresh blood & oxygen that lead to a better state of mind while performing sports. It also increases the oxygen levels allowing better breathing.

  • Deep tissue massage enables better sleep by reducing stress & enabling better relaxation. Most important for athletes because the better quality of sleep allows quick recovery time.
  • Prepares the body for self-healing naturally.
  • Breaks the scar tissue promoting agility and allowing better flexibility to play any sport.

Apart from these a deep-tissue massage is also helpful with reliving chronic back pain, lowering high blood pressure having a positive impact on systolic & diastolic readings, reduce arthritis, relieving stress, increasing the oxygen supply in the body, better mental health, reducing labour pain & ease of delivery. Basically, all your physical ailments seeking a treatment – DEEP-TISSUE massage is the step 1 solution.

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