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What Should You Know About Swimmer’s Shoulder

For a swimmer, shoulder related injuries become very painful due to wrong postures. And Swimmer’s Shoulder is one of them.

A lot of arm rotations and shoulder movements are put in action for swimming but if we do these rotations and movements in a correct manner, then the chances of injury reduce. It starts with building a better posture.

Studies show that shoulder is the most commonly injured part in the competitive swimming. So, for being a good swimmer you must have to take care of the following points to prevent your shoulder from any sort of injury.

1. Sleep on your back

Shoulders are much involved in the swimming and as a swimmer, your shoulders must be very strong. Injured or sore shoulders are unavoidable during your swimming careers.

Therefore, to prevent your shoulders from more stress, lie on your back to take off pressure from your shoulders and put your shoulders and neck in alignment while sleeping.

2. Strengthen the inner rotator cuffs

Many people believe that only working on triceps and biceps makes your shoulders and arms strong which will in return make you a better puller while swimming.

But the main thing behind making your muscles powerful is the inner rotator cuffs. Inner rotator cuffs are delicate muscles, so you must be extremely careful while working out on them.

External rotation of your shoulder using a light elastic band and external rotation at 90-degree abduction are very useful preventative exercises which strengthen the ligaments inside your shoulder.

3. Stretching

Overtraining without proper rest and recovery time is one of the main reasons for sore shoulders of swimmers. Either swimming or any other sport, proper recovery is the essential thing an athlete must take care of.

Many best swimmers suggest that proper stretching and a good sleep after swimming is a good way to recover your body after practice.

Stretching helps in relieving muscular tension. If you want to be faster in swimming, then your body must be flexible which can be possible by stretching.

Most of the times, swimmers cannot get time to take a nap between their practice so you have to make a balance between your sleeping and practice time and have to take proper nutritious food after and before your workout.

4. Swim with the perfect technique

Swimming with the right postures and techniques will increase your speed and it will also make you a better swimmer.

Swimming is a resistant exercise just like other weight training exercises and if you do not do it in a correct manner then you are bound to lose your substantial power in water.

So, as a swimmer, you must take care of all these points as they will help you in making you a good swimmer.

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Garima Pachauri