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Why Millennials Need To Yoke With Sports This New Year

Getting up by your boss’s “come early today” message, running to the third meeting since the morning, a preponderance of PPTs to handle, asphyxiating over the deadlines, to finally coming home to go through tomorrow’s presentation and anything to reduce the stress on the rocks, please!

Working professionals of this generation or millennials as we call them, hardly have anything easy in this eccentric celerity we call the modern life. But in this every day blitzkrieg, there is a sense of loss of purpose and the lows lead to a sense of dystopia and the ennui creeps in. Well, maybe then its time to find your sports shoes and step on that field again this New Year.

It is a regular reminder of how to conduct ourselves both personally and professionally. Sports teaches us to cherish the highs and dwell about the lows. It reminds us to be tenacious irrespective of the result and to not give up no matter how bad it gets. It demands us to lead by example and win in groups.

There is a sense of ownership and belongingness that it inculcates which makes us strive that extra yard for something bigger than individual goals. And these are the virtues that are vital for any organization too. In fact, it won’t be too wrong to state that the virtues of the field help us escalate in the cubicles.

The biggest challenge that spots in professional life is the crunch of individual time. Also there is a lack of people and place to get involved for regular sports. As far as corporations are concerned it extends to the apparent squandering of resources. Any form of altercations on the field being inimical to the professional relationships is also considered. Now even though each of these points has their merit, the pros overwhelmingly allay the cons.

Cities have started to come up with apps to provide a platform to connect and play over weekends. Using these, you can slot in according to your convenience. Moreover, it works as a much-needed break from the daily niche taking out the negativity.

Employees vying as a single entity of their company instil a great sense of cooperation and a sense of belonging. Positivity can be enhanced through this medium and the increased productivity comfortably compensates for the allocation of resources.

All in all, sports is a great tool for working professionals, especially If you have moved to a new city. It helps us to settle in the city by meeting new people and playing the game we love. What could be better, if It takes care of our waistline too.

So this New Year, all we need is a bit of time management, and a bit of will to chill without Netflix. Because as Bill Shanky once said, that football is much more serious than life and death. I guess it ascribes to sports in general and we all are just a sucker for it!


Aman Raj

Aman hails from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. His degree says that he is a petroleum engineer but he has been a sports buff all his life. And writing about sports because that is how I express my love for it.