5 Tips To Follow If You Want To Improve Your Tennis Game

Tips To Follow If You Want To Improve Your Tennis Game! Tennis is a sport that helps you stay fit and if played at a high level then it demands a certain amount of fitness and healthy living. If you want to be able to play sports at a much higher level then you need to alter your lifestyle and bring a few important changes in how you do things on a daily basis.

Wanting to be able to compete or become a pro in any sport, especially a one like Tennis, requires a lot more than just practice. Eating right, sleeping well and living a simple life is what will matter the most. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

#1. Be careful of the protein bars:

A lot of the time one gets hungry after a session on playing Tennis. They tend to grab a small snack that is quick to eat and something one can eat on-the-go. Hence they resort of protein and energy bars. 

This can be more harmful than what it appears to be. One bar can contain as many calories as half a meal. Labels should be read carefully before buying them.

#2. Diet is important, but never be too strict:

Tennis pros are of the opinion that while diets may be a must in one’s life, especially who want to take up the sport seriously, a diet should never be too strict. 

It is okay to indulge in an occasional cookie or pizza or whatever one craves. This will help in keeping good mental health too. If one is deprived of their favourite food for long, then one may become quite annoyed and stressed. Balanced meals are the best option.

#3. Try to avoid processed food and sugar:

Tennis pros like Novak Djokovic opt for a gluten-free, sugar-free diet. This means they do not consume day to day items like bread, pasta, cereals and more.

While this may not be something all pro players need to follow, the important thing to remember is that one should avoid having sugar or food items that include sugar in them.

Processed and packaged foods should be a big no as they tend to slow you down on the court and make you feel puffy.

#4. Always be happy:

Being stressed and angry can affect one’s game and the way one plays. It can also make one’s mental health quite low, which can lead to a number of things like anxiety and even depression. Being happy and having a positive outlook on life can go a long way.

#5. Learn the art of meditation:

Many top-level performing tennis pros learn the art of meditating. It is one essential thing for all people especially aspiring players to do. Meditating can help one calm down, collect one’s thoughts and give them a clear idea as to how to tackle day to day challenges.


To be able to play like a star you need to think like a star and even follow the footsteps of star players. 

Nidhi Patel