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Here Are 5 Sports That Can Help Burn Calories

Here Are 5 Sports That Can Help Burn Calories

Can sports help with calories being burnt? New Year was all about attending several parties, meeting up people and consuming not-so-healthy food. Then the resolutions we make aren’t enough to motivate us.

So, what do we do? Stop attending parties or just eat healthy food when others are just eating whatever they feel and are still fit? We have a solution for you!

We bring you 5 sports that burn most of the unwanted calories gained during the New Year eve. Most importantly these are sports you can start practicing on your own!

Here are the 5 sports you need embrace to burn calories:

  1. Swimming: The benefits of swimming are innumerable. Swimming tones your muscles, is a cardio exercise and helps you relax. It even helps you burn approx. 600 calories per hour.

2. Tennis: It isn’t like other racket sports, Tennis requires vigorous movements but if you have bad knees then talk to your doctor before trying it out. Though there are several reasons why picking up Tennis should be your NY resolution.

3. Squash: Another racket sport to make it to the list because it can do wonders for you! If you’re trying to get fit and are looking for a physically intensive sport, squash is your best friend.

4. Basketball: Basketball is a sport that can push you to your limits on various aspects of fitness. From longevity and stamina to jump perfection and quick sprints, the game has all the elements to make sure one stay physically fit if regular to the court.

5. Cycling: When we mention cycling, we are not talking about the relaxed evening rides with your pals. If cycling is taken up with passion and vigour, one can start to lose calories with ease! It is yet another sport that challenges both your short bursts of energy and longevity!



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