The 90’s were some amazing times. Here are the rules we played with. How many of these did you play with?

  1. Pitch catch one hand
Pitch catch one hand

The Golden Gully Cricket Rule – Image : SMH

  2. The Joker

Have an odd number of players? No problem make the weakest or the strongest guy the “Joker”. A Joker can bat for both sides but cannot bowl. Wonder which genius came up with that rule, but it has worked so far.

   3. Common goal keeper

An odd number and very few players on the pitch? Fix it with the “common goalie”. Need I say more?

    4. Full toss outside the park is out but you still get a six!

The “Super Sixes” if you want to call it. If you’ve got a small place to play and don’t want to lose the ball, then get this rule and nobody will lose the ball unless it’s desperate.

Full toss outside is out

Gayle’s Nightmare – Image : CricInfo

   5. Full toss into #AnuAunty’s house is OUT and most of the times the match is over!

We all dreaded the wrath of Anu Aunty and shivered thinking about what would happen if we broke a glass in her house. So what do we do to? We get in the rule that whoever hits the ball into the house is out and he’s the one to go get the ball. If he comes back without getting caught then the match goes on.

Full toss into house is out

Image : The Hindu


    6. Got no stumps? Thrice beaten is OUT!

Got a ball and a bat but no wickets.Lets play beaten cricket!

Playing cricket with no Wickets

Image : SPLNow


7. Three pitch start or the three tap start

There was only a start time and end time, never a half time. So now comes the problem of who’ll start. Simple! Throw the ball in the air and whoever gets the fight for the ball after 3 pitches or tap each others feet thrice and then go for the ball. This was the default rule in all Bangalore Schools. Who else remembers?


8. Flying Goalie

A goalie can venture into the ground anytime but in our matches if we needed to go out of the ‘D’ we had to shout out “Flying Goalie” and then run into the ground.

Flying Goalie Rule

Image : YouTube


Know of any other fun, crazy rules? Put them out in the comments…


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