TYPES OF FOOTBALL SHOTS | In football, your legs mean everything and the more technical kicks you learn, the more weapons you have during a game. Whether you’re a striker, defender, midfielder, or goalkeeper, learning a few techniques is imperative if you want to improve your game.

So whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been playing for years, here are a few different kicks that will come in handy during a football match.

1) The Push

This is one of the most common kicks in football and is used by players to pass the ball to their teammates. It’s easy to perform, and it’s got a high accuracy, making it the perfect manoeuvre for a quick pass.

All you have to do is make contact with the ball using the centre of the inside of your kicking foot. It’s almost like using a golf putter to push the ball towards another player.

2) Instep Kick

Popularly called ‘volleying’ in gully football, the instep kick is a powerful shot that is used primarily for shooting and occasionally for long passes.

To set up for this shot, place your supporting foot next to the ball and swing your kicking leg forward. You must make contact with the ball using that part of your foot covered by the laces. Be sure to keep your ankle locked during this kick to avoid injury.

3) Outside Kick

This tricky manoeuvre can be difficult to master and is used a lot by players in pro-level games. Stride towards the ball and make contact with it using the outside of your kicking foot, keeping your ankle locked.

Initially, this kick is great for passing. But once you’ve learnt it properly, you can use it to shoot, take corner kicks, and clear the ball.

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4) Toe Kick

Most coaches hate this kick and try to get their players to stop using it. However, it can come in handy in situations where the ball is just out of reach and you need to make a quick pass.

If you see an opponent running towards the ball, you can simply lunge for it and kick the centre of the ball using the tips of your toes. This will cause the ball to travel a short distance in the desired direction.

5) Back Heel Kick

The back heel kick is a little difficult to learn, but it becomes easier with practice. It’s one of the more deceptive kicks out there and can confuse a defender if executed properly.

All you have to do is step over the ball and poke it towards a teammate using the heel of your foot. It may sound simple, but a backheel at the right time to the right player can help set up a goal.

Learn The Basics

Besides these 5, there are many different types of kicks employed while playing football. However, these are the basics, and it’s important to learn them before moving on to the harder manoeuvres.

They may seem a bit tricky, but with regular practice and dedication, you’ll be able to execute them with ease.

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