The game of soccer requires a variety of skills that beginners will need to learn. In addition to having a certain amount of athletic ability to be able to run, change direction and maintain body balance, beginners need specific skills to play the sport. These skills can be learned and mastered through training and practice. These skills would normally land you a spot in the team and to focus on scoring the goal of your dreams. However, if you are serious about your game playing you will need to learn many other things that are not presented below. Here are 5 soccer skills for beginners.

1) Dribbling

This improves both your soccer skills and helps you score goals. Dribbling is all about control: how well are you able to control it and move it various directions using your feet. Later, you may also gain speed while dribbling but the most important factor is control over the ball. You should dribble on the inside and outside of your feet. This should be one of the first things you should learn to be a pro because dribbling allows you to keep the ball under your control. The more you practise this skill, the better you get at it.

2) Juggling

This means to throw the ball and catching it back. This is an essential skill. For beginners, it should be practised daily for around 15 minutes because it is crucial for increasing your overall skills. The main objective of juggling should be to improve the time you’re able to keep the ball in the air. You may maintain a sheet to keep the time with the help of your coach or a comrade. This will help you with your ball control, coordination and improved reactions. The trick to juggling is to try to use every part of your body to juggle which will, in turn, help you learn your skills fast.

3) Passing

football passing

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This helps you score goals with your team. You should learn it because if you don’t know how to pass the ball, no one will pass the ball to you. Passing involves kicking the ball and aiming. Here you need to understand how to control your passes by analyzing the directions and feet movement. The basics of kicking should be learnt so that you’re able to pass the ball and move it down the field. Basically, you can practise passing with 3 teammates and get the taste of accomplishment.

4) Receiving

This involves catching the ball with your feet. It is your ability to catch the ball when you receive it from passing and keep the ball moving down the field. There are two ways that you can receive the ball – one while in the air and the other on the ground. As known, receiving the ball on the ground is easier than receiving the ball in the air. Therefore, learn to receive the ball on the ground foremost. The trick is to practise it by switching your feet after 10 repetitions. Controlling the ball is the key to success in the skill.

5) Shooting

This is one of the significant skills in the game of soccer because you should be able to shoot the ball and score the goal against the goalkeeper. Power and accuracy are the keys to success in this skill. You should learn shooting or else scoring a goal will become difficult for you. You should shoot the ball hard but not every time because kicking the ball smoothly also does the work. Just like receiving the ball, shooting should be also practised switching both the feet. You should have solid contact with the ball. You may practise it two of your teammates, one of them will pass the ball and the other will be the goalkeeper.

Now is the time to play this alluring game, peers!

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