Freestyling is an absolute delight to watch since it exudes such elite level of trickery. But the massive array of skills displayed by a freestyler takes years of practice and not many are able to emulate them. Watching them go with the flow certainly sows a seed of willingness to do the same, which most of us honestly can’t! But, trying has always been the name of the game and you too can try and learn the simplest freestyling skills with some practice.Here are 5 Freestyle Football skills you can do with ease:

The Rainbow

One of the easiest tricks that seem like an absolute novelty! Here’s how you do it-

  • Place the ball between your feet
  • Use your weaker foot to roll the ball upwards on the other leg
  • While the ball is in the heel region, flick the ball up using your stronger foot and catch it mid-air!
  • Walk with your feet clenching the ball to develop greater control

Hop the World

  • Juggle the ball on your lacing area
  • Hop and flick the ball high using your weaker foot
  • While the ball comes down, encircle the ball using your stronger leg
  • Meet the ball at the base and juggle again!
  • Practice the encircling part several number of times without the ball to get accustomed to it

Knee catch

This trick is the easiest to learn without a glimmer of doubt. Needs least practice too!

  • Juggle the ball as usual, and kick it a bit high
  • As it comes down, use your knees and catch it between your thigh and knee area
  • It creates a great sight especially when people think the ball’s going to bounce, you actually catch it!
  • Walk with the ball placed between your knees to get a better catching predicament

T-shirt trick

This one’s similar to the knee catch, but with a surprise element. PS- use a baggy jersey for this one!

  • While juggling, kick the ball high
  • Wait till the ball reaches chest height while dropping down
  • Grab your jersey, pull it up and catch the ball from the inside part of your jersey
  • Immediately pull it in to make it appear as if the ball has been consumed!
  • Ask a friend to lob footballs at you while you catch it with your jersey, ideal practice to start off this trick!

Shoulder spin

This one seems to be difficult, but a bit of practice can make you a pro in pulling off this trick.

  • Juggle the ball on your lacing area, knees and forehead
  • You can hit the ball up using any of those parts
  • When the ball comes down till crown height, bend down and receive the ball between your shoulder, the area just behind the neck
  • Spread both arms wide while still bending down and then join your fists together
  • Once the ball is stable, lean towards the left till the ball reaches the left shoulder
  • The momentum takes the ball across using your arms as a base
  • Lean to the right and complete the circuit by manoeuvring the ball across your shoulder-arms circuit
  • Start off practising by trying to balance the ball between the shoulders. This will help you understand the ball’s dynamics better and will eventually master this trick!
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