Holding a table tennis bat is one of the most essential basics of the game. Compare the grip in table tennis to the grip of the bat in cricket and you will find that there is no difference in the outcome. In both games, the principle remains the same – a correct grip lets you play more shots in a better manner. There are various grips in Table Tennis and one adopts new styles of holding a bat in order to enhance their play or bring something new to the elements of the game.

But, for beginners and for the ones inclined to strong basics, learning the fundamental grip and mastering it is very essential. The fundamental grip helps you build a foundation on which later on you can adapt to the opponents strengths and change the stance. Which again makes knowing the basic hold all the more important!

Here’s how you must hold a Table Tennis bat:

  • Hold the bat handle just like a mike is held, the fingers wrapped around and the thumb closing the fist
  • Now open up your index finger and thumb
  • Push your hand up the handle so that there is no gap between your bat padding and middle finger
  • Firmly place your index finger of the backhand rubber
  • Rest your thumb on your middle finger, towards the forehand rubber
  • The final position is when your middle, ring and pinky finger are wrapped around the handle, the thumb closing the fist and the index finger firmly places on the backhand side providing support
    How to hold a Table Tennis racket


There are few things you need to know about this grip that will help you utilize it in the best manner. They are-

  • Not holding the bat very tightly, Table Tennis is a game of control and flexibility to keep your fingers firm but not loose
  • Your thumb shouldn’t be clenched against the bat handle, rather it must just act as a support
  • Your Index finer gives you the firm base while playing shots so keep it relaxed all the time, compact but not rigid

This grip is ideal for all kinds of shots and is the best you can possibly implement to get your basics right. However, with one simple variation, you can change it to a predominantly backhand grip or a forehand one with ease. Here’s the variation-

Backhand grip

  • Usually, your index finger’s tip extends out of the rubber or is placed just on the edge of the bat
  • When you loosen the joint between the thumb and index finger and let your index finger settle considerably into the bat boundary, you get to play better backhand shots!
backhand grip table tennis

Image: ActiveSG

Forehand grip

  • This one is just a transition from the backhand grip
  • Simply loosen the joint between your thumb and index finger and let your index finger rest straighter than the basic grip, and you have a solid forehand grip!

It is best to use the basic grip and stick to you no matter what level you play at. It is effective and allows you a greater assortment of shots.

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