Until 7.00 pm in the evening of November 8th I was lusting after the new 1000 rupee notes that I withdrew at the ATM. Little did I know that all the tables would turn in just an hour. Well, the two currencies of highest value in the country merely turned into a “Piece of Paper”.

Of course, you need to wait few more hours to exchange these “ex-valuable” notes and the queue outside the Banks and Post offices are going to drive you mad. But get a toast of these crazy ideas before your Mumma gets ready to throw you into the queue.

  1. The art of Juggling with a 500 rupee crushed note begins. *Thug Life*

Most of us are already using these notes to store peanuts. If you are bored and you’ve got a 500 or 1000 rupees note with you, roll it into a ball and keep juggling till you drop.

  1. You can now play Mini-Basketball too.

So the last time you tried to play with a 10rs note, Mumma said she will throw you out of the house. Now you have the 500rs and 1000rs all for yourself. You don’t need a ball to play mini basketball inside your house. You always have these notes if not for papers to your rescue.

Paper basketball

Image: Purdue OWL

  1. Lost your Shuttlecock while playing Badminton? Role your 500 note into a Ball and use it for the time being.

This drags me back to my good childhood days where the passion to play Badminton never died. So every time a shuttlecock disappeared, my friends and I used to crush out few paper balls and hit it out. Time to try it with the dead 500s and 1000s.

Playing Badminton with Crumpled Paper

A Girl Playing Badminton with Crumpled Paper

  1. We are taking the Cue Sports to a whole new level.

The love for Classic Cue sports never ceases. We are taking this experience out of the world but just within your lovely house roof. Pull your dining table, ball out a few notes, go grab a stick and keep kicking.

Pool with crampled 500 rupees notes

Pool with crampled 500 rupees notes

  1. Finally you can convince your mom to use it for your game of Monopoly.

I’ve always wanted to play monopoly with real currencies as a kid. But I was never allowed to. Guess it is time now. The dream has come true! 500s and 1000s flying everywhere and the monopoly board is all mine.

All these fantasies will come to an end in the next few days and while the thunder still prevails enjoy till it lasts. These ideas are just for fun and not to be taken seriously. Get ready for the new 500 and 2000 Rupees notes!

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