It is not easy to lead a life filled with boredom, monotony or even stress. For this very reason, hangouts are an integral part of everyone’s life today. Anyone working, housemakers, doing college or still in school; everyone has the phases in life where the need a break and this is where hangouts come to the rescue.

But often a question arises; how to make the hangouts more intriguing and interesting. So, here it goes: a list of 5 games you should try the next time you plan a hangout to make it cooler:

  • Foosball:

A very interesting game where football is played on the board, Foosball has slowly become an increasingly engaging and loved activity.

Foosball allows for anywhere between 2-3 players per side and makes for an intriguing 15-20 minutes of play.

The game can be decided for ‘the first to x goals’ and the losing team gets replaced by a new team and the championship continues.

Foosball Table

Image: Hayneedle

For those wondering of the size of the table and how to carry it around, there are portable, folding versions of the table available. They might be a little more expensive but given the entertainment they would account for, it is in the end, worth it!

  • Dog and the bone:

A childhood favourite game could bring your life alive once again. A nostalgic game, dog in the bone requires a small area and just a handkerchief to play.

Teams are divided into two with each member provided a unique number. The other team also uses the same set of unique numbers and designates a member to each. A number is then called by the referee which then sees the corresponding members of both teams run to the centre of the play area.

The members now have a task of picking up the handkerchief without getting tagged by the member of the opposite team. If caught, the member is out and the team size reduces.

The team that wins more battles prevails.

  • Frisbee

It is always fun to knock your friends off. Though not as brutal as boxing, MMA or even Wrestling, Frisbee allows one to take a throw at the friends on the opposing side in wake of hitting them below the knee.

Each such hit accounts for a point and the team that scores most, wins.

Father and Daughter Playing Frisbee

Image: HellaWella

It may sound easy, but never is with the wind flowing and the Frisbee travelling a long distance. It requires special skill to take control and in the process of mastering the act is where all the fun lies.

  • Tug of War:

Showing your power is the eternal aim for few. Tug of war is one such sport that helps you showcase the same.

Requiring just a rope, tug of war makes for an exciting activity also known for its team building attributes.

While verbal wars are the most fun, the next time you are out, try the tug of war as well.

  • Chain Game:

Another game very popular among the kids, has the capability to turn any outing into an exciting one. Played in two forms- closed and open, the chain game is played within an area with the denner or the seeker trying to tag people who then form a part of his team.


Image: PartyWorld

In a closed chain game, the seekers chase in a group holding each other’s hand, while in an open chain game, each seeker individually follows the pursuit of tagging others, getting them out and into their team.

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