Do you remember the last time you took out a cycle and went on a ride? Most of us gave up on the habit of cycling as we grew up. When we were kids we couldn’t wait to learn to cycle and get the coolest one in the entire neighbourhood. It was such a pride and it kept us engaged all day. Little did we know about the benefits cycling filled us with back then.

As we grew up, the cycle just became a thing of the past and motorcycles and cars took over. Even in today’s scenario where people prefer to buy Harley Davdisons and BMWs, some people take their cycle’s out for work. Why? Because Cycle is Pure Love. One such person, whom I had the privilege to meet was Adarsh Shetkar.

Cycling all the way

A Project Manager at Hewlett-Packard, Adarsh is nothing short of being awesome. He is one of the very cool dudes from corporates who doesn’t mind taking his cycle to work. He cycles all the way from Vijayanagar (where he resides) to his workplace at ITPL, Whitefield at least once in a week. This means he covers a distance of about 30 km on his way to work.

adarsh posing with a cycle

Adarsh in his good old cycling days

A cyclist who was an active participant in various cycling events organised across India turned his way around by choosing to photograph for cycling events instead. Adarsh adds how photography has become an important part of his life too.

I used to participate in cycling events before. Now I’ve turned into a photographer for these events, the main event being Tour of Nilgiris. I’m also one of the organisers.

says Adarsh about the annual cycling tournament, Tour of Nilgiris which happens every December.

Tour of Nilgiris

Tour of Nilgiris covers three different states Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu which includes 1000+ kilometres. The maximum number of riders allowed to participate in this event is 120 or below so if you are looking to be a part of this event, then hurry up and register before the slots are filled.

Cycling is not just a leisure activity right now. Some people want to be trained in this activity professionally and be a part of events while some find it a better activity to get fit and shed some weight. The perspective that cycling has gained over the years is pretty much diversified. For an activity that was considered just a mode of transportation to becoming one of the most preferred sport, Cycling has come a long way and this is what Adarsh had to say:

I think Cycling has really picked up in the recent years. When I travel in Bangalore and get caught up in the traffic, I see a lot of people pedalling through and that’s a good sight to watch.

Get! Set! Cycle!

Every cycling trip is a dream. It not only helps boost your strength as a cyclist but it also helps you discover a lot of things beyond beauty. I couldn’t help but ask Adarsh to recall about his most memorable trip and guess what he said? It was God’s own country – KERALAAAAA! What caught his heart was the scenic beauty of the state, the serenity, the people and the peace you get out of exploring every bit of the greenery. So if you are looking to explore the nature and you have no idea where to go, you know now.

adarsh posing with this cycle

Cycling has numerous health benefits. It helps you strengthen your muscles and tones your body. Moreover, it is a whole lot fun. You can go out for cycling as a bunch and explore various places. Cycling is much more than just an activity.

says Adarsh on why people should go out and cycle more often. An hour of Cycling a day chases out a million diseases away. Well, I just made it up. But I’m sure that by taking time out to go cycle you are gonna feel a lot happier than before. It is any day better than hitting the gym and doing boring workouts. Go out and get one with nature. Get back to your roots. Explore the child in you.

Also Cycling saves a lot of fuel and reduces pollution right?

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