The World, let alone America, came to an absolute stand-still after Donald Trump broke a million hearts to capture America’s most desired throne. Gawdddd, This Hurts! But Ladies and Gentleman, he’s not just “Donald Trump” anymore, he’s “Mr. President Trump”.

President Trump has always been a victim of some ‘HILLARY’OUS memes that did the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and every other social media site. This led to the famous Hashtag that was trending on Twitter – #TrumpOlympics. HuffPostComedy started this trend and it has caught fire since then.


So what if Trump had participated in the Olympics? What kind of events would he qualify for? Twitter answers all of these questions and more of it too.

Here we have a list of Twitter Reactions from #TrumpOlympics and also few rib-tickling sports-related Donald Trump memes for you.

1. The Mexican Channel

2. Synchronized Swindling in #TrumpOlympics


3. Trumpnastics


4. Michelle-Melania Moment


5. The Greatest Hate-Lifter of all times


6. This one sums up everything


7. And the one by Trump’s fake profile


Trump is gonna make one hell of an American President. Good or Bad, we will be seeing what he’s got in store for America and the rest of the world in the next four years. Bring it on!

And yeah, Congratulations Sir! 😛

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