Whether you’re into competitive sports, or you play in order to keep yourself fit, it sucks to get sidelined by an injury. Sometimes sports injuries can disrupt your entire schedule and derail goals that you’ve set for yourself.

So how do you foolproof your body against the strains of the intense physical activity that accompanies sports? Check out these simple tips to prevent injuries.

1) Warm Up

Most amateur athletes do not understand the importance of warming up, and tend to skip this integral part of sports.

Before indulging in any physical activity, consider going for a jog or hopping around in place to warm up your body. This will help loosen up your muscles, making them ready for the ordeal ahead.

warm up

Most athletes stretch out their muscles before a game to reduce the chances of an injury. However, cold stretches can actually reduce muscle performance and increase the likelihood of injury. So if you plan to stretch before a game, be sure to warm up before you stretch.

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2) Rest

Rest is an integral part of any athlete’s life. While you sleep, your muscles repair themselves and fix any small strains and tears that may have occurred during the exercise.

Rest also helps to refresh your mind and return to any sport with optimal focus. When you are fully focused on the task ahead, your mind will ensure that you make the best decisions with regard to the movements involved. This is sure to drastically reduce the chance of injury.

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Also, inadequate rest leaves your muscles fatigued and they are more susceptible to injury when exerted in this state.

3) Break Days

By break days, I don’t mean take the day off from your favourite sporting activity. But it’s important to plan your training sessions in such a way that every day of high-intensity training is followed by a day of low-intensity training.

Most people are of the opinion that pushing yourself everyday is the only way to get better at what you do. However, this increases the chances of an injury, which, in the long run, will stop you from achieving the results you’re looking for.

Instead, by giving your muscles a break, you will allow them to heal completely and enhance their performance.

4) Cool Down

The cool down is perhaps the most important part of any workout or sporting activity. Once you’re done with your workout, stretch out your muscles to release any tightness or tension that may have occurred during your session.

cool down stretch

Stretching at the end of a session will improve your flexibility and reduce the chances of an injury. But besides this, it also loosens up your muscles and allows them to heal faster. So even after a day, you’ll find that your body feels rested and ready to jump back into the next session.

Train Smart

Keep these tips in mind when you’re playing any sport, to avoid injuries and return to your favourite activity with increased vigour. Whenever you train or play a sport, ensure that you’re fully focused and present in the moment.

By making the right decisions and playing sensibly, you can drastically reduce the chances of an injury.

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