Fights are very common these days; Fights were common in those days too. Basically, fights are common.

Now there are loads of ways to get even.

  • You can give him a black eye or get a black eye.
  • You can pull her hair or get your hair pulled.
  • You can plan vengeance and wait until the perfect time to get back at your “FRENEMY”
  • You can also wait for karma to do your job. (LAZY!)


You can take it to the field.

I can firmly tell you that the last option, no I don’t mean karma, although you never mess with karma; challenging anyone on field is the best way to let go of that anger, that hate and to hit this person as hard as you want and blame it on the sport.

What sports really enable you to express yourself and manage to get this “FRENEMY” out to play?

If you want it to be a ONE on ONE affair, then may I suggest,

  1. Rock Climbing:

    Now rock climbing, is a trending sport for all those who have fabulous core strength and are general view junkies. Once you reach the top of that, well rock you are rewarded with a breathtaking view and the ability to push your “beloved” off the rock (don’t actually do it). You can also mock this person for not being able to do it as fast as you and give them a reason to hate you.

  1. Badminton:

    Now I know, from personal experience of being in the place of the hater and “the hated” that baddy, is one BAD ASS way to crush your opponent. Having grown up with a brother and two sisters, I’ve learnt that you can pretend that the racket slipped out of your hand and happen to, very conveniently, fall right on your opponents head. It also helps you develop your stamina.

  1. Archery:

    Now how can you use a bow and an arrow to get back at your hater? Simply place an apple on his/her head and tell this person, if they would like to get out of this alive or with minimal damage, they should stand perfectly still. Yes, if you were wondering, I do not have many friends.

If you have a gang of people who have a common group of frenemy’s then I would suggest

  1. Rugby:

    For all those who haven’t watched people play rugby, I suggest you get to it pronto! Not only is it absolutely, 100%, the best way to show your hater never to mess with you, its also known to be one of the best sports to play if you want to develop your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Now that’s a whole lot of good to come from one sport.

  2. Hockey:

    Lets see, you have a ball and mind you this is no ordinary tennis/ rubber ball, although they do hurt too and a bunch of sticks; you cannot go wrong with this one. It will also help you achieve a total body workout and helps you add both aerobic and anaerobic elements to help you stay fit.

  3. Dodge ball:

    This is one sport that I know will help you achieve everything that you want. You basically get to throw the ball at this person’s body and not get a red card for it and you can improve your hand-eye coordination! It is by far, my most favorite vengeance sport.

So now, you know what to do when you need to get it all out. Don’t waste your energy on talking! Take it to the field!

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