If stumping is the art of drawing, MS Dhoni is its Picasso. If it’s a symphony, Dhoni is Mozart. If it’s literature, then Dhoni is Shakespeare. And as we are about to see below, this bold assertion is based on facts.

Without futher ado, here are MS Dhoni’s Top 10 stumping masterclasses spread out over his career.

Nonchalant but deadly:

On February 12, 2016, defending a target of 197 runs in the second T20, Dhoni used his front line off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin to bowl the first over.

Keeping his captain’s faith, Ashwin struck on his first legal ball by forcing Sri Lankan opener Tillakaratne Dilshan to drag his feet outside the batting crease.

It was just for a fraction of a second, but no surprises about the end result. Dhoni showed off his lightening fast reaction by dislodging the bails in a flash.

Later in the innings, Dhoni showed that he is capable of surprising even himself. Dhoni stumped opposition skipper Dinesh Chandimal, who was batting well until then, and he was so fast that even he wasn’t sure if Chandimal was out of the crease or not.

Lightning fast reactions:

MS Dhoni has been a constant thorn in the side for the Aussies ever since they crossed paths in world cricket. While his swashbuckling performances with the bat demoralised the Oz bowlers, his lightning fast and near-impossible stumpings exasperate the batsmen.

Here’s a video of MS Dhoni stumping George Bailey with a reaction time of 0.09 sec. That’s 3x faster than the time it takes to blink our eyes!!!

Spontaneity and Presence of mind:

If there was ever a man born to be a cricket wicketkeeper, it must be MS Dhoni. Having taken a spectacular catch off a top edge by Jacob Oram during an attempted sweep shot, Dhoni immediately decided to take the bails off just in case the ball had come off Oram’s pads.

Replays show both the stumping and the catch to be legitimate and Oram was dismissed but even he must unsure which was the actual reason for his dismissal.

No-look, no-chance (Reverse stumping):

MS Dhoni also has this nasty habit of running batsmen out without any visual lock on where the stumps are. What makes his deceiving demeanor even more deadly, is his uncanny accuracy.

You rarely ever see him go for the reverse stumping but when does try it, it’s almost always game-over for the batsman.

The most impressive on our list is Dhoni’s no look run-out dismissal of Ross Taylor in the recent ODI between New Zealand and India where he did something truly out-of-this-world.

The moment is best described by the video rather than mere words.

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra summed it up perfectly in this short tweet. There’s just no way around the fact that coach or manual can’t teach this to a student. You must be born with such talent.

There is also a bonus video given below with a compilation of Dhoni’s best efforts behind the stumps for your viewing pleasure.


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