As I head to the marriage age as per Indian norms: 27-28, the emphasis on fitness is higher than ever. All I wish now is that my parents got me working on it earlier so that I wouldn’t need to do all this at one go. As irony has it, the same parents put you to study for exams a month in advance so that you don’t have enough pressure on the last few days. Wish they applied the same to fitness. But there’s a reason our culture is such and studies would always rule the roost.


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Now with fitness, few things that come straight up to the mind are gym, jog in the park or brisk walk. New developments also have put together classes for dance forms, MMA, etc. that help you lose weight through an enjoyable activity where you gain by also learning that art form and build your personal profile. But one form of fitness often that goes neglected or probably doesn’t strike our minds instantly is picking up a sport or two (to kill monotony) to achieve the fitness goals.

Obviously Cricket won’t help you get there neither would Chess or even Table Tennis, but certain sports that are easy to play and do not require many partners, are immense for achieving high fitness levels. Sports like Badminton, Squash or Tennis are ones that flex almost all your muscles and are great workouts. To add to these, a large group could also get together to kick the ball around which helps tremendously in this regard. Another really fun sport brilliant for fitness is Swimming. You don’t even need a partner for this and can help you not just achieve your goals but also beat the heat.


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Now coming onto the reason for picking up Sports as a way to fitness. Unless you are an absolute fitness freak, there is every chance you would start not liking your regime as much and you are vulnerable to missing a few days or even dropping it. Also, the schedule might keep you busy and for something you don’t really go crazy for would not make you get up at 6 in the morning or even earlier, nor will it help you beat evening tiredness and lethargy to head to the gym or for a jog. And as far as classes are concerned they happen at a defined time slot and you are never sure of making it for that, leading to irregularity.


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Now Sport is that one thing that will definitely get you hooked onto it and make you want to play it more and more. This then helps you beat the “morning blues” and waking up at 5am is no more a big deal nor is hitting the court at 8pm at night. Also, this is something one can pursue without really spending too much and even switch to another and keep shuffling to keep the interest levels high. It is also a great way to socialize and helps build and reveal your character.

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So as for me, Sports rules the roost. What about you?


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