Of late, I’ve been made to babysit on many occasions. Now I’m not really one to complain about babysitting, the problem is that it doesn’t end with just one kid, it includes a 3 year old, a 4 year old and a 5 and a half-year old (like he specifically mentions.)

Now, on one such occasion, I found myself going shopping to buy toys for them. I picked up 2 cars and a tea set. Now when I gave it to them, they played with it for exactly an hour and half. What did they play with after that?


No matter how expensive a gift you buy, no matter how many features that toy has, one will always go back to playing with kitchen utensils.

This isn’t a child thing anymore. Here are a bunch of sports that you can play with utensils in your kitchen.

1) Kitchen Cricket:

Now the chopping board in my kitchen is made of some really durable plastic (sorry mother earth!). You can use any durable chopping board as your bat and probably a guava as the ball. My personal recommendation is, do not listen to your sister when she says it’s ok to play with a tomato. She will not help you with the after effects.

2) Dining pong:

This sport that I just made up proved to be real fun. This can be played with two players or four. Just make sure you have twelve steel cups (six on each side) and two ping pong balls (just in case you happen to misplace one). The rules are similar to beer pong, except the loser has to drink water instead (Yes, this helps keep you hydrated, you alcoholic.)

3) Lemon spoon:

A lot of you might be familiar with this one, I know this because I often saw aunties play this game (no, you will not be labeled aunty if you play this). So basically, you can have as many players as you want, except you must ensure that there are two referees, one at the start line and one at the finish line. Now there are spoons kept in each player’s mouth and a lemon at the dent. Each player must attempt to cross the finish line without dropping the lemon. First one across wins!

4) Utensil juggle:

I found this to be extremely loud but fun! I also recommend that you play this when your mom isn’t home. Take three steel bowels, something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and try juggling them! It’s really hard at first but you will eventually get good at it; well at least I did. You can also try it with the small Tupperware boxes but let me warn you, its going to be really painful for you, both physically and mentally when you get wacked by your mom and you realize that she loves the Tupperware more than she loves you

Juggling with Kitchen Vessels

Image: eJuggle

Try these sports out with your cousins and siblings, its good fun to relive your childhood through these games.


Disclaimer: None of the utensils were harmed during the testing period of these games. The same cannot be said for the ‘Mother-love-stealing’ Tupperware.


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