Soccer is a game of tradition and mythology and the combination of these two characteristics manifests itself in the institution of the “signature move”, a piece of skill that have come to defines a player and draws the line between amateurs and pros.

If you want ever want to create a signature move of your own, or earn the right to come across a football pro, here are 6 signature skills that every pro must have a mastery over.

Pro-shot #6: The Cruyff Turn 

Johan Cruyff was selected as Dutch Footballer of the Year five times, named Dutch Sportsman of the Year twice, won the 1974 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball, and was considered the greatest player of the greatest generation of players that the Netherlands ever produced. Amid all those accolades, after all that accomplishment, this is the move Cruyff’s name was given to.

If performed correctly, the Cruyff turn is as simple as it is effective. Turn that “if” into a “when” with the help of the following video.

Pro-shot #5: Inside of the Foot Curled Shot

The inside of the foot curled shot is the Rolls Royce of shooting. Sure, you are good enough to blast the ball anywhere you want, but you prefer a well thought-out swing of the leg.

When pulled off correctly, you will produce an arcing shot that hangs in the air long enough for you to admire. Even the goalie might stand and watch as the ball avoids him as if it were against the laws of physics for him to catch it, which it is.

Learn how to do this cool move here:

Pro-shot #4: Double Scissor

Cristiano Ronaldo and the double scissor move are best of friends. In fact, there was a time in his career when many thought all he was good for, was a dozen step overs per game, and that he wasn’t a consistent goal scorer. Well, we all know how wrong those people were.

Ronaldo can still pull off a double scissor that will make a our legs go left, our heads right, and throw out our backs in the process. His execution is lightening quick, and he mixes in other step overs to compliment his double scissor, which this video does a great job of explaining.

Pro-shot #3: Chip from Distance

Like the inside of the foot curled shot, the chip shot is not so much a means to score a goal as it is a statement of how good you are. You can stand around like you’re the man your opponents always wished they could be.

The chip from distance is audacious. You must check if the keeper has snuck off his line and, the moment you realize he has, correctly gauge your distance from goal and get your shot off with the correct technique.

Pro-shot #2: Side Scissor Kick

We are going to take a wild guess and say that when you play soccer, you want to score as many goals as possible. That means you want to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. So, what should you do when you are forced to strike a ball in the air? Our main man Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the best exponent of this particular art.

If you want to be the best, you have to be just as comfortable with a ball in the air as you are with a ball on the ground. The side scissor kick is a tool that every master goal scorer has in their arsenal.

Pro-shot #1: The Maradona turn

The elegance of this turn is what separates it from all the rest. When performed correctly, the Maradona puts you past a man and makes you feel like he helped you do it. This move uses the opponent’s own momentum against him, and shows you past him without you losing any of yours.

And the bonus? It makes you look freaking awesome, which is exactly what Diego Maradona, the man who’s credited for this shot, was when took to the soccer field.

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