As they say, “need is the mother of all invention.” But this time, a movie became for a newly introduced sport- Hammerfield.

How did Hammerfield evolve?

The sport was invented in 2012 inspired by the super-hit Hollywood movie Avengers. While the superheroes engrossed one and all with the movie, the superhero behind the game brought a new sport to life.

Let’s take a look at what the sport exactly is about, how is it played, members required, rules and regulations.

All about Hammerfield:

Invented in 2012 by Dave Simson, Hammerfield is a full contact sport. A field game with each team comprising of 8 members, Hammerfield is played with a foam hammer. Each team has 4 hammer bearers and 4 soldiers. While the task of the bearers is to score points, the soldiers need to defend their territory and avoid the opponents from getting onto the scoresheet.

The playing area consists of a 100m long and 68m wide field with bell type objects placed at either ends. The field is divided into two halves with each team occupying a half. Each half then has 6 safe zones which are further divided into Safe Zone 1 and Safe Zone 2.
While Safe Zone 1 is to secure the hammer, the safe zone 2 gives free access to all.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get onto the scoring system:

Hammer Bearers are the ones that need to catch hold of the hammer and score points by hitting the bell while the soldier has to deny the same. The bell is situated 3m from the ground.

The game of Hammerfield provides for 2 ways of scoring:

  • Throwing the hammer at the bell
  • Jumping and hitting the bell

In either case, the points are awarded to the team that manages to strike the bell.

The sport has a royal setting and seems like a video game is brought to life.

Have a look at this video to get a visual idea of the game:

The game can be used for office outings, hangouts, evening play, etc wherever the ground requirements are met. It is a game that seems equally enjoyable across age groups and one everyone would want to try at the chance of it.

Unique and disruptive, the sport potentially has a big future and could be the next sport to travel to India. Recreational or competitive, the sport could take either shape and make for an intriguing affair. The other fun part, especially for the kids is the costumes involved in the same.

Next time you have a field to you and a total of 8 friends, don’t forget to try this fun game and share your experiences.

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