Here are 5 must try adventure sports that will give you a rush of adrenaline!

There’s this buzz that you should always have a “Bucket List” of all those things you would love to do before the year ends. If you have one or you are planning to have one soon in the coming year, I dare you to add these adventure sports to your list and tick off them off before the year ends. Well, the experience might change you entirely.


Featuring first on the list, there’s a reason. Personally, experiencing this was one of the “Best Feelings” ever. For a person who is dead scared of heights, flying in the air 300 metres above the ground was a surreal feeling. First few seconds got me nervous and then I never wanted to get off the line. If you are a Bangalorean you can try out this sport in two special places: Red Rider Sports and Play Arena. It is also available in Delhi, Punjab, Bhopal and Uttrakhand.

Zipline Adventure sports


Parasailing is crazy fun. Doing this for one time, makes you go back for more of it. You can choose to do Parasailing in Single or we have the Tandem option where you can take a ride with your Partner in the air. Yeah, look out for this adventure sports during your Honeymoon spree and tick it off the Bucket-List ASAP. Parasailing is available in most of the important cities in India like Goa, Bangalore, Allepey and Manali.

parasailing in india


If you love playing in the snow, then this should be definitely on your “Must Try” list. Just strap in your gears, go along with a bunch of friends or your loved ones and get yourself a great experience. Skiing is available in numerous spots in India like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh.

skiing in india

Scuba Diving:

For the love of the sea and Underwater World, this adventure sport is a beauty in itself. It is something you don’t see every other day and that makes this experience surreal. Scuba Diving in India is available mostly in the islands neighbouring India like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and also the coastal areas of Goa, Pondicherry and Karnataka.

scuba diving with turtle

Bungee Jumping:

The last one on the list, this is as shit scary as it looks. Bungee Jumping needs a lot of guts. Have you got it? Then go try it out and boast about your experience with pictures on Social media. You are sure to garner many followers for yourself. The famous Bungee Jumping spots in India are Rishikesh, Bangalore, Delhi, Goa and Lonavala.

Are you ready to try out these Adventure sports? Come on! Go get a notebook and a pen right now, jot it down in your Bucket-List and tick it off one by one. What thrill comes out of doing nothing but Crazy Things!

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