Superheroes are the ultimate source of inspiration for kids as well as adults. Therefore, when challenged with any unforeseen misfortune, the over-imaginative adult seeks for some motivation from these fictional heroes.

Going by the definition, these heroes are blessed with superhuman or supernatural powers to fight against bad and protect the innocent. They have colourful costumes, masks to cover their sculpted faces and capes to fly. Though, not all of them need capes as they possess powerful cars and sticky webs to commute from one place to another. So, when these life-saving superheroes decide to play a sport, which one would they choose? Let us read and find the games they would play:

  1. Batman: Fondly called the ‘Dark Knight,’ he is known for his love towards advanced technology and athletic prowess all over the world. Batman could easily modify the technologies given his inexhaustible wealth earned by his parents. He is an expert in interrogation techniques which makes him a proficient detective. The Caped Crusader has no inherent superpowers as his parents were humble doctors and not related to the superhero world. Apart from being highly intelligent, he also owns a license to fly planes. As a matter of fact, we can never imagine Batman without his Batmobile. Therefore, we think Moto GP is totally his thing, given his love of technology and automobile.
    Batman- Superhero

  2. Flash: No prizes for guessing, he deserves to take part in Track and Field competitions. He is proven to be faster than light and notably can pass through walls. When excited, this man starts speaking so fast that it sounds like noise. Flash claims that his thought processes in less than an attosecond. Apparently, attosecond is equal to the time taken for light to travel the length of two hydrogen atoms. Our Scarlet Speedster can easily defy all the laws of physics and cover insane distances because of his superhuman endurance. Flash can not only steal light from other objects but also run backwards efficiently.

  3. Hulk: Isn’t it obvious that he would be the greatest wrestler ever if he ever participated in WWE? The exposure to gamma rays turned him into the Incredible Hulk. This man transforms into a huge green humanoid when influenced by his emotional state and also by his will. His endurance and regeneration abilities increase with the increase of his temper. Apart from having the power to withstand solar temperatures and nuclear explosion, Hulk can grow extra tissues when inside water. Imagine the damage that could happen in the ring when he is provoked by the opponent. Too much fun, isn’t it?
    Hulk- Superheroes

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  4. Green Arrow: His name itself gives away the sport he would love playing, yes, archery is his sport! It is claimed that he can shoot an arrow through a drop of water while it is still falling from the tap slowly. He can shoot without missing a target and his favourite use of his arsenal is the famous boxing-glove arrow. Though he mastered martial arts, that is not his choice of weapons, evidently. He is an accomplished swordsman and proved himself to be an efficient politician, tactician and hunter. Nevertheless, it would be quite thrilling to see his choice of arrows while in the archery grounds.

    Green Arrow

  5. Thor: We were pretty undecided what the God of thunder and lightning would end up playing. Eventually, we ended up imagining him with his magical hammer on the fields of cricket hitting more than sixes. Thor can live incredibly long and for that, he needs to consume the Golden Apples apparently. Thor possesses senses that allows him to listen to cries from other planets and track objects travelling faster than light. Imagine him on the cricket ground, hitting the balls out of the stadium and the only way to send him back to the pavilion is run-out- is that possible either?
    Thor- Superhero

This is what we think the favourite sport of these superheroes would be. Tell us what do you think about other superheroes and their favourite sport! Thinking about Deadpool? Well, Deadpool tells us that he is very cool to play any sport!

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