Sports and dogs.. whats not to love? Try these cool sports with dogs for a fun time.

As soon as you get home, after a long tiring day; having your pet, for me its my dog come up and wag his tail, jump up and greet you is just such a mood lift! It’s so easy to forget the events of the day and just immerse in playing with my fuzzy, unconditionally loving friend.

Now, what I do feel bad about is leaving him at home through out the week when I’d rather have him with me all day long. What I do look forward to are Sundays at Cubbon park, at the dog park when he gets to meet his” Bro’s”

On one such visit I saw a bunch of boys playing football at the park. What made me stop and watch were their dogs! Two Labradors, one jet black and the other fawn/ Golden PLAYING FOOTBALL WITH THEM! That’s when I realized that I don’t have to depend on my moody, lazy friends to play! There are sports that I can play with my dog!

Here’s a rundown of the games you can play with your fuzz ball.

Disc Dog:

As the name suggests, Disc Dog, also known as Frisbee dog, is basically when you (Human Thrower) train your dog to catch the Frisbee and predict its high and length of throw; Setting aside that jargon, You can get your dog to catch a Frisbee! After my newfound love for ultimate Frisbee, I have actively started to publicize disc dog.

Dog hiking:

I tried this one when I was in Coorg. I have 2 Labrador’s there and on my usual hikes through the estates; I found that my dogs were more than happy to guide me through the way, keeping me company. I find that it’s a nice way to wander amidst nature, in that much needed silence and serenity; its also a good way to ensure your dogs get enough exercise and that the both of you can work up a good appetite!

Hiking with dogs

Image: DogsAholic

Fly Ball:

Now I found that these work very well with small breeds( I have a Lhasa Apso) and even though they tend to get distracted real easy, fly ball, which is basically playing fetch with a ball, can really help discipline and increase focus in them. The trainer/ Owner/ Brother from another mother must be sure to establish a proper connect with the pet without having to yell at them or beat them. Small breeds love to impress their owners and will do anything to please them! So take advantage of that and establish a good connect through fly ball.


These are for the heard dogs, the big ones. You use 8 big balls, exercise balls will also do. Now the game basically goes like this. The dogs will have to heard the balls into a goal of sorts and make sure they cross the lines and stay in; its basically like herding minus the sheep.

So the next time you guys go out with your dogs and want to get some exercise and work up a good appetite, don’t depend on your lazy friends, depend on your dogs!


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