It is imperative that after a century of the evolution of a game which is popular in multiple formats across the globe, will source it out itself to be differently entertaining every single time another human being decides to make the sport a part and parcel of his life.

It is always an interesting phenomenon in any sport if there is a new technique or a new strategy developed in the course of things to improve upon the existing expertise concerned with the game.

The switch hit is one such important move. For those who do not fancy the switch hit, a switch-hitter in cricket can turn your dexterity to your advantage, unlike most other games.

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Switch Hit Is A Innovative Shot That Can Help The Team During Crisis

The fun of turning from a right-hander to a left-hander just before the ball is delivered by the bowler is a fallback strategy in most situations where traditional moves do not seem to work to your advantage any more.

But how is it achieved?

To understand, switch hit one must understand the fundamentals of a reverse sweep. For reverse sweep to happen the way in the right way:

One must play to the field in place and necessarily keep the basics right:

  • The head should be right over the playing knee Your Head Should Be Right Over The Playing Knee And Your Arms Must Be Extended
  • Both the arms should be extended enough not to fall short of the pitch of the ball

As a cardinal law, one needs to better his temperament and techniques for the reverse sweep before dreaming to do an AB De Villiers as in, being the wizard of the switch hit.

  • One needs to pre-empt the length and line of the ball adjudging the previous delivery of the bowler.
  • The switch stance will only work if the bowler is gullible enough, so do not overplay the trump card too many times.
  • It is advisable that at the beginning of your training you practise the switch a few seconds after the bowler starts his run-up.
  • As you gather the experience of being an expert in the game you should develop the skills of switching just before the ball is delivered or has pitched on the crease.
  • The head should be still and in swing with the bat.
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    Your Head Should Be In Still And Only Move Along With The Bat

  • Any attempt to hit the ball too hard might giveaway a chance of a leading edge.
  • Draw and analyze the field and figure the gaps prior to the switch, getting out in an attempt to play switch hit is a brave man’s foolish death.
  • Follow and analyse the cricketing strength of the stalwarts of the switch hit wizards like Eoin Morgan, Robin Uthappa, Glen Maxwell, David Warner, Kevin Peterson and of course ABD.


The switch shot has been deemed legal by the MCC, despite the scathing criticism. This is clearly a shortcut to excel in your game by a notch just by planning to botch your opponent’s plans and youngsters should train to make use of it.

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