Cricket is turning into batsman’s game with every passing year. While the debate rumbles on, there is no doubt that batting is a joy to watch. So, here are the top 5 classic shots in cricket you should try in your next match. 

A batsman batting

Cricket is generally described as a competition between bat-and-ball. On one side are the classic shots along with the recently-invented ones which define batting. On the other side are the various types of deliveries for a bowler to execute and outfox the batsman.

Cricket usually had a delicate balance between bat and ball in the previous decades. However, the ‘gentleman’s game’ is now more of a batsman’s game. While the reasons for this change are many, the prime one remains that batting is more enjoyable to watch for the average fan than bowling.

No wonder, kids in their backyards practice the shots of their favourite batsman more. Further, the presence of more superstar batsmen than bowlers like India does play a part too.

Now, keeping the sport’s critique aside, there is no doubt batting is a delightful aspect of the game. There are several strokes every batsman brings to the fore to tackle the bowlers. These can broadly be classified into classic shots and unorthodox ones.

Out of the two categories, there is an indescribable satisfaction in witnessing classic shots. These strokes are a thing of beauty when executed perfectly. Now, let us take a look at the top 5 classic shots which you should definitely try when you play the next time.

5) Pull/Hook

One of the two horizontal bat strokes in the list, a pull or a hook is also the cricket shot with lower control than the rest here. The stroke is used to counter a delivery coming up to waist height by swivelling around with the bat in a horizontal manner. Thus, the batsman ‘pulls’ the ball towards the leg side, hence the name.

A batsman doing a pull shot

If the ball bounces above chest height, then the batsman pulls out the hook shot which involves a similar movement. Both the shots are executed against the short ball and given the nature of the stroke, it is a risky one to execute with total control.

4) Forward Defence

When we think of classic shots, attacking ones naturally come to the mind. However, the forward defence is one of the most elegant ways to guard one’s wickets. This stroke can be executed against both pace and spin and is usually in response to a brilliant wicket-taking delivery.

A batsman doing a forward defence

This is a straight-bat shot and is played on the front foot with the prime objective of stopping the ball from reaching the stumps. Thus, forward defence remains a key part of every batsman’s arsenal since the game’s inception and is a classic shot in the sport.

3) Cut

The defining trait which makes a cut shot differ from others is that the batsman simply uses the ball’s pace to direct it. This horizontal stroke is played on the off-side for a short-pitched ball.

In order to execute the shot, the batsman waits for the ball to pass him on the off-side and then guide it towards square or third man. Thus, it is called as the square cut if the ball is hit towards square. On the other hand, it becomes a late cut when the ball is guided towards third man.

Both of the shots highlight the finesse of every batsman and are a sight to behold.

2) Straight Drive

A shot is termed as a drive if it is struck by swinging the bat in the line of the ball as a vertical arc. This straight bat shot is hit in front of the batsman in the bowler’s direction down the ground.

Straight drive is easily one of the first classic shots every budding cricketer learns. Further, it is one of the best answers to a fast bowler in form and this stroke is definitely one to savour for players and audience alike.

1) Cover Drive

Drives are easily the most elegant cricketing shots in the book. The control, poise and placement required for their execution make them the best strokes for the viewer. Now, cover drive is the best classic shot there is and therefore tops the list.

As the name suggests, cover drive is a shot on the off-side towards the cover fielder. Generally, cover drive is a sign of the batsman being in top form and truly bring out the class one can associate in a gentleman’s game.


Thus, these are the top 5 classic shots in cricket which are present even in the modern game. Feel free to specify your favourite classic shot and mention in the comments sections below.

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