I am a bike courier and my work involves heavy cycling throughout the day.  I usually use road bikes when working in evenings as opposed to weekends, when I use mountain bikes. It causes a lot of stress too with continuous pedalling.

I feel a boiling hot sensation on my knees after I use my road bike, every single time. Even though they don’t hurt, and I feel no pain, I can still feel how hot they become with or without touching them. Even my wife can feel how hot they are when she touches them. 


I can see a marked difference in heat between my thigh area and my patella. I have this feeling for almost four hours after I have used my bike. 

Sounds familiar? You can find the answer below:

The three major signs of inflammation anywhere on the body are heat, redness, and pain. Heat and redness mean a slight injury which might have caused the inflammation. The fact that you feel the heat in that area is a sign that the tissues around your knee may be inflamed. It can be quite a painful condition if not taken care of in time. Inflammation is less significant when there is no redness or pain. 

Swelling is another sign of joint trouble, normally seen near knee joints with inflammation.  Thus, the heat is produced as a result of a reaction of the collection of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to the exertion. 


It appears to me that you are pushing your limits, taking your muscles beyond a place where they can function comfortably. Though pushing your limits is always appreciated and it surprises the body every time but if you are not careful, you might hurt yourself too.

The best advice I can give you is to get assessed at a sports medicine clinic. A quick inquiry within your local health authorities will help you find one nearby.  Thus, you will get relief from the pain and you do not have to spend anxious moments wondering what is wrong with your health.

If you fail this, go for the services of a specialist physiotherapist, one with experience in dealing with sportsmen. You can get a complete list from your local GP. 

You can also try replacing your road bike with more modern hybrid bikes for beginners, which provide a stable and effective way of exercising while cycling. 


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