The fondest memory that most of have from our childhood is playing cricket on the streets. Every time we stepped out to play cricket, we had that gang where one person was the owner of the bat and the ball was sponsored by another person in the gang. Everybody dreamt of owning a cricket bat. Maybe you couldn’t get one then but these Cricket bats are available for under 500 bucks and its the right time to grab one and relive your childhood memories. Better yet, you can gift it to someone as well.

1) SN International Tennis (Multiple Stickers) Poplar Willow Cricket Bat

Price: INR 199

SN International Tennis

This is a beginner level Cricket bat which can be recommended to anyone who plays leisure cricket. For those taking the game seriously, you have to opt for something better. The blade of the cricket bat is made out of Poplar Willow. Buy it here.

2) tuff Cricket Bat Poplar Willow Poplar Willow Cricket Bat

Price: INR 199

tuff cricket bat

This Cricket bat is suited for games that involve Tennis balls, so it is best for those who play the sport for fun. Do not opt for this bat for vigorous training. The blade of the bat is made of Poplar willow. Buy it here.

3) Whimsical Sports Size 6 Poplar Willow Cricket Bat

Price: INR 270

whimsical cricket bat

Poplar Willow Cricket bats are much suited for games that involve Tennis balls. Whimsical Sports Cricket bat is one such and can be used for Street cricket games.This bat suits for kids 7 or 8 years and above. You can now purchase it here.

4) SUPREME AM-7 Men’s Tennis Popular Willow Cricket Bat Full Size Orange & Black

Price: INR 399

supreme bat

This bat is lightweight and made out of poplar willow so you can play Tennis-ball cricket. It is great to play for fun and one of the best bats available out there for the beginners. Buy it here.

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