Sports are the best medicine for an active and fit body, but are we aware of the common injuries that can be a spoilsport?

“Injury taught me I need to learn how to face challenges”. Shawn Johnson

If you are into sports, injuries will happen but knowing how to overcome them, will take you further. There are numerous injuries that crop up when we do not adhere to the basics while warming up. The culprits can be weak muscles, stiff muscles and their likes.

Let’s look into them and find ways to minimize these misfires:

  • RUNNER’S KNEE INJURY-THE DEMON NO.1: This injury holds the major chunk of all that occur in various sports. This happens because the kneecap has to move against the leg bone. This leads to the damaging of tissues, related to the kneecap, causing pain, which can be severe at times, depending on the severity of the injury. Softer surfaces should be used for warm-ups and concrete ones should be avoided.

Remedy: When faced with such injury, use ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicines to fasten the recovery process. After you have recovered, see to it that properly warm-up before exercising and try icing the same part after practice.

  • SHOULDER INJURY-THE DEMON NO.2: The next addition in the spoilsport is the shoulder injury. It might happen through dislocation, sprain and strain. The overuse of the shoulder invites this trouble which can come from tennis, swimming, weightlifting, baseball, basketball and volleyball.

Remedy: The injury is mainly treated by giving the affected part rest, icing it, taking anti-inflammatory medicines or visiting a doctor if serious. To avoid such injuries, strength building exercises help.

  • TENNIS ELBOW INJURY-THE DEMON NO.3: When the elbow used continuously, tennis elbow injury surfaces which are termed as Epicondylitis in medical science. This results in small wear and tear in the ligaments of the elbow, causing pain inside out of the elbow of which the outside is the most common.

Remedy: Rest, icing the affected part, taking anti-inflammatory medicines or visiting a doctor in serious cases is the remedy. If the injury is a matter of concern then you’ll have to take a break from the game. Post recovery, forearm strengthening exercises and elbow braces will help in preventing elbow injuries.

  • HAMSTRING STRAIN-THE DEMON NO.4: Three muscles behind the knee constitute the hamstring. The overuse and overstretching of the muscles cause the injury. Pain is experienced with the wear and tear of muscles or tendons. At times bruises also surface in cases of the pulled hamstring.

Remedy: In order to keep the injury at bay, you should immediately stop when tired because the system that shields your muscles ceases from working when you feel fatigued. This is necessary because hamstring injuries take a very long time to heal. It can range from 6-12 months.

When you experience hamstring injury, go for a gentle stretch, apply ice on the affected part, give rest to it and if required arises take anti-inflammatory drugs. If the case is serious then you should consult your doctor. After experiencing hamstring, you tend to exercise again then should stop once in a while to stretch the muscle. 

  • LOWER BACK PAIN-THE DEMON NO. 5: Also known as Sciatica, lower back pain, affects the legs. This problem is troublesome, mainly for those involved in cycling, running, hockey and their likes. Swelling disc and back spasms are some of the types of lower back pain. Improper stretching leads to this problem or if the athlete has a difference in length of the two legs. Lower back and swelling disc, call for immediate medical care by a doctor.

Remedy: Going by back spasms are treated by advising for rest, applying ice packs and anti-inflammatory medications if needed.


  • SHIN SPLINTS-THE DEMON NO.6: This is experienced as severe pain, on the downward portion of the front side of the leg. Runners are the ones who are mainly affected by Shin Splints but this can create nuisance in those who are not used to exercising or switch over to excess exercising in quick time. A stress fracture in the bone also accounts for Shin Splints.

Remedy: Less intensity, Shin Splints can be overcome by applying ice, taking rest and take amicable painkillers. Wearing proper shoes and stretching within limits can be fruitful in preventing Shin Splints.

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  • GROIN PULL-THE DEMON NO.7: The inner thigh muscle accounts for the thigh. The muscles in this region act as fans to pull the legs together. Players of hockey, football, soccer, and baseball are the ones, mainly affected by Groin Pull because of the side to side movement in these games. The Groin Pull can result in the bruising of the inner part of the thigh. Once affected, it takes two to three weeks to heal with the aid of compression, ice packs and tremendous rest. If you notice any swelling on the injured part then it is advised that you consult a doctor. Unless and until you have recovered completely, do not take any chances of returning to play or perform normal activities because this aggravates the problem. Proper stretching exercises will not allow Groin Pull to affect you.
  • CONCUSSION-THE DEMON NO.8: This injury affects the brain when the head is hit by something hard. Persons when injured on the head, not necessarily lose consciousness they may experience nausea, dizziness, loss of concentration, headache, disorientation, amnesia and so on. Sports like football, boxing, hockey, wrestling in which there is more one to one contact, athletes participating in it can be affected. A concussion usually takes 15 to 30 days to heal by taking adequate rest. Acetaminophen can cure a headache caused by Concussion. Be careful to avoid multiple concussions because this can lead to 100% damage to the brain.
  • ACL TEAR-THE DEMON NO.9: Anterior Cruciate Ligament the abbreviation of ACL is the connector of the leg bone to the knee. Sudden stoppage and changing of direction or a solid thud on the side of the knee can result in a strain or tear of ACL. This injury is said to be one of the most serious injuries to happen to a sports person. If a ligament is completely torn, then the concerned has to undergo surgery, which can curtail the athlete’s career.  
  • HIP FLEXOR STRAIN-THE DEMON NO.10: The Hip Flexor constitutes a group of muscles that help in moving the leg and knee in the upward direction. If these muscles are stretched, more than required or torn then the concerned athlete will experience Hip Flexor Strain. Weak muscles, not warming before play, stiff muscles or a fall result in this injury. Martial arts, football, soccer and hockey are the games through which the athletes might experience the strain. When the hip comes in contact with the leg- pain, spasms, bruising and swelling are the signs that signal of Hip Flexor Strain.

Remedy: This strain if minor in nature can be treated at home itself by resting, applying ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicines. Get in touch with a therapist who will recommend you hip strengthening exercises. If the pain persists for more than 2 weeks, then it is advised that you consult a doctor.  Hope this small compilation of the warm related injuries and their suggestive cure will help you to win over these demons.

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