When we were kids, we didn’t care much about the money because our financial stability was high. Oh yes! If we wanted that PS4, our parents handed it to us immediately, if not immediately at least in the matter of one month. If we wanted a cricket bat, say no more! That’s your next gift. But adulthood demands a really high financial stability is it? Are you that constantly broke guy or girl? Is that your only excuse to play sports?

Well, we have listed out the most economical sports out of you, both in terms of sports gears and facilities to play at. We bet you would agree with us.

1) Cricket

India’s Sport dearest, Cricket is one of the classic sports that every kid, rich or poor tries their hand at. Why? It just requires a ball, a bat and some space to bat. You can get a rubber ball for as low as 30 bucks and we have bats that range below 500 in the market too. For stumps, you can use any bit of plywood of stones lying around and all you need is some space. You are all set for some epic Street Cricket!

street cricket

2) Badminton

Clearly the favourite past time for most of us in our childhood. Why because the rackets were priced as cheap as 50 bucks. But if you want a really good racket for play today, you can still get a Yonex racket priced between 500-1000 bucks and the shuttlecocks in 50 bucks. If you are looking to take it to the facilities for playing Badminton, there are a lot of Badminton facilities in the country and they charge as low as 150 bucks for one person per hour. Still won’t burn a hole in your pocket right?

badminton on the streets

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3) Football

The only investment you need to make is on the Football that you are gonna use. You can pretty much play the sport in any spacious location. If you are looking for Futsal venues or 5 a-side Football venues with great astro turfs, we can plenty of arenas spread throughout India and few venues charge only 90 bucks for a person per hour and might go up to 200 bucks.

street football by nike

4) Chess

In the era where people voice out more for outdoor sports because of the “all day sitting spree” at office and the need to do some physical exercise, the need for some mental workout seems to have diminished. But if you still cherish the sport, you should never stop playing it. You can get a chess board for just 100 bucks as well.

chess board


5) Basketball

This has been the favourite and the coolest sport during our school and college days. Nobody would ever deny it. Why because, every school ground had a mandatory Basketball court. All that was required was a ball to kick start the game.

street basketball

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Almost empty pockets for the weekend and no chance of hitting the bar? Well, go out and try out these sports and tell us how you enjoyed the weekend.

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