Choosing a badminton racket can be a difficult and complicated process for anyone.  The most crucial part of choosing a badminton racket is making sure that you select a racket that corresponds to your skill level.  Selecting an option that is meant for beginners and amateurs, will almost certainly leave you with a tactical disadvantage at the intermediate level. 

Beginners will find these rackets perfect for their needs

At the other end of the spectrum, rackets made for pros can be too hard to master, for intermediate players, at least until they develop the necessary strength and technique to play at more advanced levels. With so many brands out on the market, it can be tough to find yourself selecting the right racket for your use.

So, here’s a collection of badminton rackets that are suitable for intermediate level players.

Yonex Muscle Power 3

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The Muscle Power 3 is Yonex’s power racket for the intermediate player. It has medium flex, can be restrung easily, and is very lightweight, allowing you to smash very well. This budget friendly racket was tailor-made for the Indian market by Yonex going by price and overall well-rounded build.

Adidas F100 G4

The F100 G4 by Adidas is meant for intermediate players who are ready to make the transition to the advanced level. The lightweight graphite material used to make this racket enhances flexibility and allows the player to be swifter on the court. The racket design is head light and features an isometric head shape for a bigger sweet spot.

Yonex Nanoray 10F

Yonex advertises the Nanoray as the perfect choice for the intermediate player. Coming in white and pink flavours, it weighs a measly 83g. It was designed for players seeking the ability to control the game with sharp movement and extreme speed and also does a decent job in doubles. It is pre-strung, with just the right amount of tension and comes with a complimentary full cover.

Senston N80

The Senston N80, made with Micro Carbon Fiber for added strength and stability, comes in a wide array of colours, and is very light at only 80 grams. It helps quicker players who can generate their own power by using racket head speed. It is pre-strung at 22-23 lbs. At this price point, it’s a no-brainer for an intermediate player.

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