Mind blowing facts about Badminton that will further your interest!

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Badminton is a game that has evolved over the years. In the 18th century, Badminton was played in India and was called Poona. The British Officers took a liking to the game and took it back with them to England where they renamed it Badminton.

Ever since then Badminton has evolved and become what we know it as today. There are small fun and interesting facts about badminton that you may not know.

Here are some facts about badminton that will blow your mind:

  1. Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world- It is claimed that after football, badminton is the next most viewed sport in the world. During its first Olympics appearance, a staggering 1.1 billion tuned in to watch badminton.
  2.  The shortest Badminton match- The shortest recorded Badminton match in history is only six minutes. That is a very short period of time. This was in 1996 during the Uber Cup held in Hong Kong. On the other hand, the longest match in history to be recorded is 124 minutes.
  3. The shuttlecock is made from a goose’s left-wing- The best shuttles are made from a goose’s left wing only. They are said to be the lightest around 4.4-5.5 grams in weight. Each shuttle is made using 16 shuttles. They do use duck feathers too, but not for the match quality shuttles. They are the lower grade ones.

  • Badminton is more intense than tennis-Even though one match of tennis lasts for longer than a badminton match, statistically, one badminton match is more intense than a tennis match. The average shots per rally, distance covered, and time the shuttle is in play are all fasted in Badminton than in tennis. Even the fasted speed a shuttle has travelled as opposed to a tennis ball is more.

    1. The strings of a badminton racquet are made from the lining of a cat’s stomach- Over the years racquet guts have been made by synthetic materials, but there was a time when the strings of badminton racquets were made by the lining of a cat’s stomach.
    2. Fastest smash speed recorded- The fastest smash recorded till date was at a shocking number of 493km/h. This smash was made by former Malaysian Doubles champion Tan Boon Heong.

    Even though this was a record, it was not set during an actual competition.

    During an actual competition, it is Mads Kolding of Denmark who has hit the fastest smash of 426km/h.


    Hopefully, these few fun facts about badminton took you by surprise and that you learned something different.

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