BADMINTON EXERCISES | Learning to play your badminton shots the right way is extremely important during a game. Good shots can help you snag a quick point at an opportune moment, and they minimise the risk of an injury.

Here, we’ve put together a list of exercises to help improve your badminton shots.

1) Half-Court Matches

This exercise is common among badminton players and allows them to focus on various techniques used in badminton. Find a partner, and rally with them using only one-half of the court.

This confined space will force you to play shots a lot more frequently and limit your use to only a few types of shots. This is a fast paced exercise and will train your body to improve its reflexes.

2) Train Weak Strokes

One of the best ways to train is to get a partner and ask them to rally with you. During this rally, make sure that your partner sends the shuttle to different areas of the court and to different parts of your body. This will force you to return the shuttle using different types of strokes.

If you find it difficult to perform a few shots, then focus mostly on those and ask your partner to serve accordingly. For example, if you’ve got trouble with backhand shots, then perform only backhand strokes during the entire training session.

3) Play At The Rear

Another way to improve your drives and clear shots would be to play a match from the back of the court. So this time, instead of standing in the front half of the court, ask your partner to take up a position in the rear half, near the boundary. You should also be in the same position before starting a rally.

This kind of gameplay will teach you to connect with the shuttlecock properly and help you learn how much power is required to return the shuttlecock from the back of the court.

4) Master The Smash

A shot that most players forget to train is the smash. Learning to smash can help you score a quick point when the time is right.

To practice this, get an opponent to lift while you smash. Keep doing this back and forth for a while before switching positions. This will allow both of you to practice both lifting and smashing.

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Be sure to take up positions in different areas on the court so that you learn to smash from various positions.

Focus On Footwork!

These are a few drills or exercises to improve your technique in badminton. Repeat these exercises on a regular basis, and you’ll be delighted with the results.

But besides working on your strokes, it’s important to focus on your footwork as well. Good footwork is imperative to being a great player as it allows you to get into position and execute a proper shot.

And before you start training, remember that badminton is a game and whether you play it as a hobby or take it seriously, never forget to have fun!

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