In badminton, the backhand is one of the hardest shots to master. The smash is also a tough stroke to play well, so understandably the backhand smash is the most dangerous shot to learn.

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It most definitely takes a lot of practice to achieve. Source.

Even most professionals are still mastering it. It is not played as often as the forehand smash as it a very risky shot and the timing of the backhand smash has to be absolutely impeccable.

Points to remember before hitting a backhand smash:

#1. Your backhand grip should be correct:

This is one of the most basic things that have to be perfect to be able to hit a backhand smash. Your backhand grip should be right and shouldn’t change during the execution of the shot.

Nail the backhand grip to the T by watching this video:

#2. Do not grip too tightly:

While getting into the backhand grip do not hold the racket too tight. This will reduce your control over the shuttle. Grip it loosely. On the impact of the shuttle, you can tighten the grip to get a bit more power.

If you grip it too tightly you’ll tense up your muscles and decrease the mobility of your wrist.

#3. Get the snap of wrist action:

While playing a backhand smash, you need power to also generate from your wrist in order to execute an effective stroke. Performing the snap of the wrist action by flicking the wrist will ensure maximum power while hitting.

Step by step guide to hit a backhand smash:

#1. Position:

In badminton, your position will determine the fate of your shots. Play the backhand smash only if you are in a good and correct position. If not the shot is most likely to go in the net or fall on your side.

#2. Switching grips:

If you want to play the backhand smash you have to switch from the forehand grip to the backhand grip while moving to take the shot backhand. This switch is important to do while moving towards the shot and not after.

#3. Pre-shot racket position:

Before hitting the backhand smash, make sure that your arm is close to your body so as to get a better swing while hitting the shuttle. Use your non-racket arm to help you balance

#4. During execution:

Catch the shuttle as high as you can. This will help you get a deeper angle to hit creating a more effective stroke.

The swing of the racket should be one continuous powerful swing. Do not stop the swing in the middle as it will break the momentum.

#5.Perform the snap of wrist action:

This step is important to maximise power. Use the flick of the wrist action to create a powerful stroke.

#6. Follow through:

The follow-through is important. Complete the swing action all the way through. Use your non-racket arm to maintain balance as you may lose balance while performing this stroke. After hitting the shot be ready for the return. Do not stop at the position.

Watch this video to help guide you to play the backhand smash:


The backhand smash can we a lethal weapon. Follow these steps and you too can master this stroke.

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