BADMINTON DOUBLES RULES | The Doubles game is so much more fun in badminton than singles because it offers maximum excitement with minimum physical exertion, making it ideal for casual players and amateurs. But, that doesn’t mean Badminton doubles is something to be taken lightly, as there are plenty of rules and regulations designed to make the doubles experience accessible in a fair and fun environment for all players involved.

Most of the basic badminton singles rules are also applicable for doubles. Here we look at some of the basic badminton rules specific to the doubles game.

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Serving and Receiving in Doubles

1) A side has only one ‘service’
2) The service passes consecutively between the doubles partners
3) At the beginning of the game and when the score is even, the server serves from the right service court. When it is odd, the server serves from the left court
4) If the serving side wins a rally, the serving side scores a point and the same server serves again from the alternate service court
5) If the receiving side wins a rally, the receiving side scores a point. The receiving side becomes the new serving side
6) The players do not change their respective service courts until they win a point when their side is serving.

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7) Either player of the winning side may serve first in the next game, and either player of the losing side may receive first in the next game

8) The player of the receiving side who served last shall stay in the same service court from where he served last. The reverse pattern shall apply to the receiver’s partner.

The doubles team that serves is known as the server and the other team is known as the receiver.  A player can’t serve or receive out of turn, or receive two consecutive services in the same game. The receiver in the court that is diagonal across from the server, must return the shuttle. After the initial serve is returned, play continues with any player hitting the shuttle from any court.

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General Play in Doubles

After the serve has been returned, either doubles player can return the shuttle from any position on the badminton court. Shuttles that land on the boundary lines is considered inbounds. The shuttle is considered “good” and play is continued even when it touches the net but still passes over to the other side. A Shuttle that touches the ground in between plays are faults and ends the point. Each doubles team–but only one player per team– can hit the shuttle once before it passes over the net.

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