Check out these different types of Badminton shots that will help you up your game.

TYPES OF BADMINTON SHOTS | Badminton is a sport for all ages. The minimal investment in the sport, an easy understanding of the rules, and a small area of play enables all to enjoy this game. You’ll find people of all ages, and even entire families, playing Badminton all over the country.

But after you’ve learnt the basic rules and played a couple of games, it’s important to learn a few different shots if you want to improve your game.

Here are a few basic Badminton shots that will help take your gameplay to the next level.

1) Defensive Shots

These shots are utilised when you’re backed into a corner and need a break from your opponent’s constant harrying. They will force your opponent to respond to your move. Giving you time to re-centre yourself and regain your composure on the court.

2) The Clear Shot

This shot works best when you swing the racket upward and make contact with the shuttle. The aim is to get the shuttle to hit the centre of your racket and launch it high into the air. With this shot, you must hit the shuttlecock in such a way that it flies towards the back of the court. Force your opponent to retreat to the back in order to respond. This will give you time to return to the centre on your side of the court and get ready for the next shot.

3) The Drive Shot

The drive shot is a semi-offensive move where you powerfully swing your racket overhead. This causes the shuttlecock to fly flat over the net and onto the opponent’s side of the court.

It’s also a good idea to hit the shuttle directly on your opponent who will be forced to change position to respond to the shot.

4) Offensive Shots

These shots are used to drive your opponent into a precarious position, causing them to miss their next shot and grant you a point. Offensive shots are perhaps the only way to raise your score and win the match.

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5) The Drop Shot

This shot is similar to the drive shot, but instead of sending it towards your opponent, you simply push the shuttlecock over the net and into the opponent’s forecourt. This shot is most effective when your opponent has just sent you the shuttle from back of their court.

So to fool your opponent, bring the racket over your head as if you’re going to perform another drive shot. But instead of clearing the shuttlecock, push it over the opponent’s net so he has a difficult time responding.

6) The Smash

This is perhaps the most famous and the most powerful shot in badminton, and can help you pick up a quick point if used at the right time. The smash can be executed best when the shuttlecock is overhead. All you have to do is swing the racket and flick your wrist downward in a steep gradient. This is to ensure that the shuttle flies low over the net and hits the ground on the opponent’s side.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

These are just the basic shots of badminton, and to really delve deep into the game you’ll need to learn a lot of different kinds of shots. However, the shots mentioned here are the basics, and by practicing them over and over, you can drastically improve your game and build a solid foundation for learning the more difficult maneuvers.

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