THINGS THAT GIRLS ARE TIRED OF HEARING IN SPORTS | A girl sports fan is something weird from a normal society’s point of view. Why? Just whyyyyy??? A lot of strange heads turn when a girl mouths a sports term, screams her heart out during a Football match, knows Football players other than Ronaldo and Messi, knows every Tennis star on earth, and only watches sports on TV. These women are special and they always make heads turn.

If you are part of this super-cool brigade, then I bet you can relate to every point mentioned here.

1) “I know why you support those guys. Just because they look hot, not like you know sports!”

Like seriously

*This one is a personal experience*

Yes, we do know that they look hot. But we don’t love them just because they look hot. We know they are a great bunch of talent as well.

2) “Still not better than a guy who knows sports”

are you kidding me

Like seriously? Sports has so much to do with a gender?

Come on Men! Give us some credit as well. We can take you down in a sports debate.

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3) “Do you really watch sports? How can a girl be into sports?”

taylor swift playing sports

We don’t say that just to look cool. Certainly not!

We love sports. Sports is everything to us. We would choose watching sports on a saturday night over anything.


4) “Ok. You watch. But can you play?”

oh please

Why would we not try playing the sport if we like watching it?

Of course, we might not be good at every sport. But we don’t mind hitting a shot or two and getting our clothes dirty.

5) “Your boyfriend is so lucky.”

thats love

Well, it definitely feels great to have someone who shares the same interests as you. We feel the same too. It’s not just the boyfriend who is lucky. But Thanks!

All you “Sport Nerd” girls, you are special! And the world needs more people like you!

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