“Squash your opponents” and “Squash your stress out.” Here are the benefits of squash

The sport might look really easy to watch, as the players are constantly hitting it out against a fibre wall enclosed in a chamber. You might think, this doesn’t require much endurance. But if you want your doubts to be answered, then you should lock yourself in one such chamber to try it out.

Squash feeds you with tons of benefits that you get out of every sport combined. Why does this sport carry a lot of goodies? Squash is the ultimate sport guide to fitness. You need to be in perfect shape to outclass your compatriot. Here’s a list of the benefits you gain out of playing the sport:

1) Master the “Hand-Eye” coordination

If you have noticed the squash players have some crazy “Hand-eye” coordination skills. Why? because the sport demands so. When the opponent hit the ball against the wall, it bounces off back in a crazy fashion, so quick that you have literally milliseconds to revert. This makes the sport extremely challenging and improves your Hand-eye coordination skills.

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2) Sharpens your mind

Squash involves absolutely quick thinking. The previous second the ball would be in the opponents play. Before you bat your eyelids, it might be your chance to shoot. Since the ball is supposed to bounce only once on the floor, you need to be quick to react and play. This sharpens your mind and develops your thinking skills.

3) Makes you active

For all those lazy bums out there, instead of spending your weekend lazying around on the couch inside four walls, you should go catch up with some squash inside four walls. This sport makes you super active and you are never gonna feel lazy any time in your life.

4) Regulates your metabolism

Squash literally keeps you on your feet. The sport demands a lot of moving around the court and no time to relax. With this, you burn a good amount of calories and this regulates your metabolism. For those looking to lose the extra weight, you should take up squash.

5) Removes stress from the body

Sitting at your desk all day, staring at the bright monitor screen, trying to ward off your boss’ tantrums can be highly stressful. Since squash keeps you free from such high stress and keeps you on the move, this helps in relieving unwanted stress from your body.

If you haven’t tried playing squash in your life, you should definitely go out there and play it for an hour or so. You are gonna fall in love with the sport while you rake numerous benefits like this. Get ready and explore!

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