Complicated, challenging, and exciting, video games have come a long way since the development of the ‘Brown Box’. However, the mindset associated with video games is yet to evolve.

Even today, most people are of the opinion that video games are nothing but a waste of time. That they’re simply addictive and make people dumber.

Well, that’s just not true. Check out these surprising benefits of playing video games.

1) Improved coordination

When played over an extended period of time, most video games help to improve hand-eye coordination in players. In fact, the improvement is so substantial that health companies and clinics are introducing video games to their surgeons as it helps to enhance precision movements. This will help surgeons hone their skills and perform tasks that require limited space.

When Surgeons are doing their best to keep in touch with Video games, why not an athlete who wants to improve his Hand-eye coordination? This supports players who play sports like Tennis, Badminton and Squash.

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2) Quicker decisions

When playing games like Assassins Creed or Batman Arkham Knight, players are constantly confronted with situations where they have to make split-second decisions. By regularly playing video games, you train your brain to absorb information much more quickly and react to it immediately. This improves an individual’s judgement skills while playing sports and improves his decision making skill in the field.

This also helps even in real-life situations where people are required to make quick, important decisions at a moment’s notice.

3) More socialising

With the host of multiplayer games available today, players can connect with people from across the world and play with them. While this isn’t socialising in person, gamers have the opportunity to talk to and get to know a vast variety of people.

Most gamers also like to play with their friends. You’ll find many groups of friends going out to a cyber cafe and playing together. So multiplayer games help gamers make both virtual and real-life connections.

4) Increased physical activity

Increased physical activity is not something experienced by every gamer. But there are many who play games like football, basketball, and skateboarding. These games get kids interested in the sports that they’re playing virtually, and most of them may even attempt to play the sport in reality.

This is one of the most important reasons why you should play video games as it drives you to take up the sport in real. Also, you could real various shots and tricks out of the video games that you can experiment in real life.

Disclaimer: At your own risk!

Play The Right Games

Now that you know a few of the many benefits that video games have to offer, it’s important to remember to play the right kind of games.

Critics of video games are not completely wrong, and some games can actually cause more harm than good. It’s up to you to find a game that’s mentally stimulating and benefits your brain and your body in some way.

Of course, with all the reviews and gameplay samples on the internet, you’ll be able to zero-in on the ideal game for you.

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