Technology has taken over and it will really help to improve your game of cricket and here’s how!

Sachin Tendulkar and Gary Kirsten With a bowling machine
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In this modern era everywhere you see, you will notice the technology has taken over. No matter in which field you are, what area you are dealing in, technology has its impact everywhere.

The work which used to take a lot of time and man force now is done in very less time with almost nil manpower. Similarly in cricket also there are some instruments which are helping the players to improve their game.

  • Bowling Machine

This is a revolutionary change in the world of cricket. This machine enables a batsman to practice the exact deliveries which he wants to. The bowling machine can deliver the ball according to the speed required by the batsman. It helps the batsman to concentrate and focus on the ball.

Bowling machine and a bastman
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Before the invention of this revolutionary equipment, a batsman needed a bowler who would bowl. The speed of the delivery, the line, and length of the bowl were the main concerns. There is no comparison between the machines and humans, machines are made to assist humans.

Today this machine is used all over the world, on international as well as the lower level. This has also helped in a way that now a batsman didn’t have to look for a bowler to improve his skills, he can set the machine and start practising.

  • Bowling speed meter

This equipment is used for the bowlers, especially the fast bowlers. This helps to track the exact speed of the ball bowled. Speed is something which has always been in demand, every team requires a bowler who can bowl at a lethal pace.

A bowling machine and a batsman
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In olden times there was no such facility so there were only speculations. But today we can check the speed of each and every delivery by the bowler. This helps the bowler to improve his speed. With every ball being tracked this also helps in maintaining a record of the bowler and then check the level of his improvement.

  • Swinger Ball

 This ball is unlike a normal cricket ball is not made of leather and is not a hardball either. This is made from a mixture of rubber and plastic. The ball comprises two colours, white on one while on the other it is red.

Puma Red Cricket Ball
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The material helps the ball to swing more than the actual ball. This helps both batsmen as well as the bowler. A batsman can improve his skills to play a swing ball and a bowler can learn to swing the ball.

  • Fitness Band

This gadget doesn’t need any introduction, it is the most popular of all the modern equipment. The main reason is this that you can wear it on your wrist and carry it wherever you want. It actually keeps a track of your health and your fitness level.

Fitness band
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It will tell you exactly how much calories you need to burn, it will tell you the water level needed in your body. This new gadget keeps you fit and because of its demand, there are many companies producing this equipment.

  • Spring Handle Bat

This is the next generation cricket bat. It is different from the old cricket bats. The difference lies in the handle of the bat the handle of this bat is flexible. This helps the bat to absorb the shock and prevent any kind of damage. This is very useful when the shot is to be played with the full flow as the flexibility plays a major role when the bat hits the ball it creates extra power without affecting the bat.

This is helpful for the batsmen while playing a Yorker ball as it impacts the toe of the bat and the shock wave created by the connection of bat and ball have an adverse effect on the hands of a batsman, but this bat minimizes that effect.


Since its origin cricket has witnessed many changes and it is only in the interest of the game. With time only one thing is permanent and that is ‘change.’ We should accept it and improve accordingly. 

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