People may assume that all you require in the sport of swimming are swimsuits and goggles but if you take a glance at the swim deck during your practice, you will learn otherwise. Here are the must-have swim gears. 

  • Here are a few pieces of swimming gear that you should be packing in your swim bag:
  1. Swim Suit: This equipment is pretty basic and obvious but it is essential to purchase a comfortable swimwear that allows you to move freely and fits your body perfectly. It should be able to withstand daily exposure to chlorine.

2. Goggles: You can’t effectively swim with your face above the water unless all you do is a backstroke. Thus, Goggles are essential and are needed. Purchase goggles that do not leave a mark on your face and that fit you. The benefits of goggles are:

  • Protects the eyes from saltwater and chlorine
  • Improves clarity
  • Can be used as a fitment for corrective lenses

3. Swimming Cap: Caps help to make swimming easier and keep your hair in place. The caps help in:

  • Protecting your hair from pool chemicals
  • Helps in keeping your goggles in place
  • Reduce drag and increase your swimming speed

4. Kick Board: A kickboard is essential for training. It is used to improve stamina, technique and strength. It helps you work on your legs. The benefits of using a kickboard are:

  • Provides Balance and Buoyancy
  • Helps in having a focused workout
  • Rest for arms

5. Aquacoach Watch: It is a fantastic device that helps swimmers track their times, distances, strokes and calories. It helps immensely when swimmers do not have anybody to track their time.

The above-mentioned equipment is used by swimmers regularly and is essential in a swim kit. The right gear can help you increase the efficiency of your workout and help improve your technique.

  • The following are gears that are used by professional or very passionate swimmers:
  1. Swimmers Snorkel: The swim snorkel has become part and parcel of every competitive swimmer’s gear bag. The snorkel helps in:
  • Balancing your stroke
  • Encourages you to keep your head down
  • forces you to keep a straight lead
  • You can swim faster
  • A fuller kick
  • Great for kick sets
  • Increases feel for the water

2. Tempo Trainer Pro: The small, waterproof device easily secures beneath a swim cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Adjustable tempo offers the ability to identify and maintain an ideal pace. The benefits of using the trainer are:

  • It will help you even out your stroke
  • Intervals are made easy

3. A Training Journal: Every serious athlete tracks and evaluates their training. The journal helps you in figuring out what’s working and what’s not. It helps immensely in achieving your ultimate goals as you can effectively track your progress and improvements.

4. Drag Sox: These are essentially little mesh nets that you strap to your feet that allow you to increase resistance and drag in the water. It is used to develop leg power and endurance in order to power up your swimming. It also helps immensely in increasing your feet feel for the water.


You may not require to invest in all the pro gears if you are a beginner in this sport. Once you know that swimming is your go-to sport then purchasing the gears would make sense.

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