Here is how did Heena Sidhu became the Pistol Queen.

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In this piece, I look to educate you on the pistol queen Heena Sidhu and her journey towards achieving the Gold that broke the Commonwealth Games record of 38 in winning gold.

Pistol shooting has held a very strong fascination in my description of my ideal boss chick persona. Heena Sidhu made sure she etched her mark with this sport and did it with much style. 


Here is all that you should know about how she got there: 

Heena Sidhu has been creating quite splash with her captivating performance at the Commonwealth Games. This beauty managed to bag a Gold medal for India on the sixth day making India and women all over so proud! Soon she was all over the news, social media and all sorts of platforms for her well deserved to win.

Fame is something that we all seek for, we want to be the best at our game but little do we realise the amount of work that goes into becoming a champion.

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Heena pursued bachelors in dental surgery. The choice to move into the field of sports requires so much strength! The innate ability to shut off haters and develop focus requires you to be hardcore. Hardcore, I thought this is the best way to describe a woman of her calibre.

She luckily hails from a family that has the utmost respect for the sport; her father and brother are national sports shooters, her uncle is a gunsmith. Her husband Ronak Pandit is also a pistol shooter and helped in training her. With the help of a strong support system and many many attempts she slowly made her way to success.

Her career in pistol shooting began at the Patiala Club and began by participating in the national junior and senior teams.

She won her first silver in 2009 at the ISSF World Cup in Beijing and her first gold medal at the 2010 commonwealth games for women pairs 10-meter air pistol shooting. Hence, Heena was also a member of the Indian team that was part of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and featured in the official film. 2013 she won a gold medal at the ISSF World Cup in Munich. After qualifying for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro she went on to win a gold in the 2017 Commonwealth Shooting Championships in Brisbane. In the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she won one silver medal in women’s 10-meter air pistol event and a gold in the 25-meter pistol event.


This year’s CWG has some powerful women competing and making their mark. Be sure to catch them in action! For all those who are unable to, follow this space for more information on the women of Commonwealth Games, 2018.

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