“Cross, cross,cross! He’s OPEN… C’mon man! WTF!”

“Bowl full on the middle stump!”

Remember shouting these and similar slogans at the TV when your favorite team is playing? That adrenaline, that passion, that enthu, its almost as if we are playing on the field. If just watching a match does this to us, imagine what would happen if we played! 

Its a mix of emotions thrown at us! Love, anger, happiness, sadness, the adrenaline rush and what not!

This happen’s because we love this thing so much that we just can’t help, but ‘feel’ those emotions! What happens when you release your emotions? It makes us Happy!

Playing sports has an added benefit of being fit and active, keeping your body happy too.

We can agree the sheer joy of  living in the moment ,being “in the zone”,not worrying a about thing right now comes with a very few things, and playing sports is one of them.

Here’s an info-graphic by Happify that shows us with the help of some science, how sports make us happy :

Sports And Happiness

If you do play sports now you can say “I’m happy and I know it” and for those who don’t #NoMoreExcuses, get those shoes out and get #Playoholic!

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