ARE YOU A TRUE SPORTS FAN? There are some things that all sports fans share. From obsessive watching to memorabilia hoarding, these intimate little traits will be all too familiar for that kind of crowd.

# It’s more than just a game for you

You don’t understand why other people never get hyper while watching a cricket or football match as it is almost like a religious experience for you. Why are you so chill, bro? How come you’re not screaming your throat off..?

# The sheer thrill of chatting about sports technicalities

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Because honestly, if I ask you one question about the game you’re automatically opening up opportunities for like 1,000 more, and even those fans who obviously know nothing pretend to be experts just to be seen as part of the cool crowd.

# You are shocked when people say they don’t watch sports

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You are in a state of disbelief when your friends, neighbors or colleagues say they have no interest in watching sports. I mean, come on… How do you even chillax bro?

You care about your fave team’s results more than your own

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While you are in tears when your team loses and others are not at all bothered about it, you just want to smash their faces for looking so smug.

Board Exam results? Who has the time and patience for that when the IPL is on and your team is playing?

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You know the names of players who you love and hate the most.

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Even if you don’t particularly like a player, you are always looking up their results and hate them even more when they win over one of your faves. And that glaring look you give when people don’t recognise your faves from their photos or names.

# Sports teaches you to cope with losses and failures

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A goalkeeper who concedes 10 goals will never give up and quit playing immediately. So why would you get down on yourself when you have trouble in life. By watching and playing sports regularly, you get to appreciate how your favorite players cope with losses as well as successes. You don’t break down even if you have a great loss because you know things will only get better.

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