Growing up, we are sure you will be able to relate to these street Football rules.

We grew up playing football not in the grounds of Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Bernabeu or Allianz Arena. We started small from the streets, to the closest ground in our area, to the football facility recently opened in the city. So the football we play comes in with a special “Rule-Book” and an indefinite “Skill-set”. Yeah! That’s LEGEN-….. Wait for it… DARY! Taking you back to the epic childhood and weird rules set (in the eyes of FIFA 😛 ). Go for it!

1) No offside!

No offside rule

This changes everything, Doesn’t it? If you were playing in a Football match governed by FIFA rules, you are sure to get screwed for going Off-side. But our rule book says “Just Play Bro”.

2) The Guy is hurt? SUBSTITUTE! The Guy wants a Bathroom Break? SUBSTITUTE! Girl-Friend calling and needs to take it? SUBSTITUTE!

Once a player is substituted he never gets to play again. Yeah, like we care. Go out and come in any time because everybody on the bench deserves a chance to hit the ball.

3) It’s a GOAL! :O or not! You scored it above the Goalie’s Hip-line.

its a goal or not

Yeah. You heard me… You score it past the goalie and you think you have pocketed it, we have our review committee to decide if that’s below the Goalie’s Hip-line. Else forget it, Carry on, don’t rip your shirts out too soon.

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4) Ball is out of the Park? No Throw-ins Buddy! Roll the Ball.

Throw-ins don’t work in our Rule-Book. So be careful while you hit out because you are gonna roll it one more time.

5) The Stouter the person, the better the chances of being a Goalie.

a big fat goalie

Mr. Fatty please be our saviour. And we love you too much. So don’t let the damn ball pass you.

6) 10 minutes over? Shuffle your positions. I’ll be the Forward and you be the Defender.


Our Rule-Book says everybody deserves to play every position on the field. So we would like to abide by it. Don’t question us on this one.

7) What the hell is a Red card/ Yellow Card? *Laughs*

Throw a punch, Pull the opponents legs, duck your leg between his, push him… Do whatever you want. We ensure you won’t be getting a “Red card” or “Yellow card” because that’s not how we play. But I can’t tell you that you won’t be cursed by the opponent, you might as well get slapped. Good luck with that 😛

8) What’s a goal post? Two Sticks? A bag? Or The Goalie.

street football goal post

Street Football is not played on perfectly laid out grounds. We basically play the sport wherever we get space. So what’s the goal post? Could be anything our hands could reach out for.

Took a walk down the memory lane with our Rule-Book? Which was your favourite rule out of the crazy-book? Did we miss out on something important? Let us know.

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