Snooker is a cue sport played using a cue and 22 colored balls. It mostly is played as a great pastime activity. Like any other game, the more you practice, the better you get at playing this game of snooker. Apart from being a leisure activity, it’s taken seriously and there are World Snooker Championships as well. We have Ronnie O’ Sullivan who has won the most number of world titles in this century. And it has been found that a game of snooker can help improve our life skills and balance our body and mind. So the next time, you are in a confusion to hit the table, think of the following advantages you get by playing this fascinating game:

Boosts concentration

Playing a game of snooker requires lot of concentration and this helps you to build the habit of concentrating your daily tasks as well. In this game, players focus on cueing the cue ball (white ball), the correct angle to hit the cue ball, the posture on the table and the angle the cue ball will move after hit. All of this needs extra attention and to be detail-oriented which will help your mind grow sharper and improve your concentration. Your ability to concentrate on other life goals or daily tasks is also improved due to one game of snooker.

Shapes up your body

Any dietician would recommend you to go for a brisk walk. And a game of pool involves at least 2 hours of walking around the pool table. This gives the body all the benefits of walking up to 1 long kilometer. And the most beneficial thing, this walking around the pool table results in burning fats and reducing calories. An added advantage is, this doesn’t strain you unlike a continuous walk or run but derives the same benefits. Apart from weight loss, the other benefits of playing snooker are – it tones your muscles and strengthens body balancing. A game of snooker involves a lot of stretching activity which will make the body flexible. It will also tone up the leg muscles, hindquarters.

Develops life skills

According to a recent study, snooker helps develop life skills as well. It was observed that the players wouldn’t panic easily during a crisis and is more practical and thinks logically. They don’t lose control and concentrate on the relevant facts to overcome a crisis. Playing this game resulted in sharpening their minds. The way players analyze the target (cue ball), the mathematical calculation involved in the game all help the mind think faster. This game summons a player’s imagination and problem-solving skills along with spontaneity which in turn improves the critical thinking skills.

Improves social life

In this age of social networking, it’s rather difficult to enjoy a conversation. But a game of pool enables you to have fun with a person of any age – whether it’s your kid or your business partner or family members. Because anyone can play this game regardless of their age. Moreover, everyone at the pool table gets a fair chance to play. One game of pool gives you a mixed bundle of social and health benefits. Thus leaving you with a strongly positive experience.

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